RICE – Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion, Sep 2016

Sep 15 – Oct 15, 2016

 Quality of Being

Cooperation and Contribution

Message of Self Mastery

Opportunities will arise to engage in cooperative ventures in heart-centered ways. Remember cooperation begins first within yourself! These ventures may be simple recreational activities, or a connection with a person or organization, where you may joyfully share your talents, skills and creativity.

The energy during September and October supports being able to see a bigger picture in a gentler way through the avenue of the heart. Remember to remain grounded by anchoring into the center of Mother Earth daily or throughout the day. This anchoring will support you as the higher frequency energies continue to flow in giving opportunity: to let go of what no longer ‘grows corn’ for you, as Native American Indians say.


When considering your choices in the next 30 days, you may find it helpful to ask yourself, “Does my decision grow corn for me?” Allow yourself to be aware and trust how you feel.

Does your choice feel self-loving and self-supportive? If not, can you let go of the lesser frequency choice, the one that doesn’t grow corn for you?

A lesser frequency choice may include a disturbing thought that keeps repeating in your mind, an emotional insecurity, a recurring pattern of limiting relationships or too much work and no personal time.

What would you create instead. . . and how would you feel? Starting with one better choice a day can keep your corn growing!


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