Renee Takacs


About Renee

Renée Takacs is a renowned Intuitive Consultant, Animal Communicator, and Vibrational Healer with over 30 years of experience.

She blends intuitive insights and telepathic skills with powerful, distance energy work to support both you and your pet.

Renée conducts Intuitive Development and Animal Communication workshops, helping people gain confidence in trusting their intuition and strengthening their bond with their animal friends.

She has a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is skillfully trained in energy work. She has studied with talented mentors from The Association for Research and Enlightenment and with respected intuitive healers.

Renée has presented research at the International Intuition Conference and served on the Association for Research and Enlightenment psychic panel. She contributed to the book, Stand By Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share.

Intuition Development Talks & Workshops

During Renée’s talks on Intuition Development, audience members gain knowledge, validation, self-confidence, and inspiration regarding their intuition.

She explains what intuition is and how it communicates with us. She shares her imprint moment which served as a catalyst for developing her intuition.

Audiences receive a comprehensive attunement activation for establishing a fundamental practice in grounding, connecting, and centering which is necessary for developing a reliable relationship with intuition. Attendees receive a recommended practice for inspired writing for the purpose to hold their own counsel.

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  • Podcast, TV, and Radio Appearances
  • Magazine & Newspaper Clips
  • Book Publications

Renee Has Presented On Intuition Development at:

  • The Association for Research and Enlightenment

  • Annual Meetings for Howard Hanna Real Estate

  • Yoga & Wellness Studios
    Health & Nutrition Stores

  • Regional Utility Companies

  • Corporate Suppliers to Grocery Stores

  • Women’s Clubs

  • Rotary Clubs

Animal Communication Talks & Workshops

During Renée’s talks on Animal Communication, audience members gain knowledge, validation, and inspiration in recognizing their own telepathic and intuitive abilities.

Renée shares her delightful discovery of her first telepathic communication with a dog. She talks about stand-out experiences and even life-saving information as conveyed from an animal’s perspective to their human companions.

Audience members are guided through a comprehensive attunement activation. This activation serves as a fundamental practice for resonating with intuition and telepathy.

Attendees are given Renée’s proven method for communicating with their pets.

Renee Has Presented On Animal Communication at:

  • Animal Friends of Pittsburgh

  • The Pittsburgh Humane Society

  • Collie Frolic Pittsburgh

  • Association for Research and Enlightenment

  • Animal Rescue & Adoption Shelters

  • Dog & Kennel Clubs Animal Hospitals

Professional Endorsement from an Event Organizer

I had the pleasure of taking Renee’s workshop, Trusting Your Soul’s Guidance as well as experiencing a private session between her and our dog, and both experiences did not disappoint. Renee’s kindness and compassion helped set the tone immediately. If you are looking for clarity or want a deeper connection to yourself (or your pet), I highly recommend Renee. She has even taken the time to sit with my daughter to explain what she does. Sharing her skills, and gifts (even with an excited nine-year-old) is just who Renee is. Everything she does is from the heart.
Erin Kennedy, co-owner of Laughing Elephant Yoga

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