About Renee Takacs

Maybe you’re here because you’re searching for understanding, comfort, or healing.

Maybe to find closure with a dear relative who is now in spirit. 

Or perhaps to deepen the bond you have with or to better understand your beloved pet friend.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, I am here to inspire and support your personal growth, emotional healing, soul-fulfillment, and the well-being of your animal friends.

Together in our intuitive sessions, we’ll create new pathways, form empowering conscious
beliefs, and implement changes to transform your life and nurture your soul.

All sessions are conducted by phone.

A digital recording of your session is available upon request and can be forwarded to your email.

****Please note that Renee is unable to schedule appointments for lost pets, however, she is willing to refer you to an animal communicator who does accept lost pet appointments. ****

I am an Intuitive Reader, Animal Communicator, and Vibrational Healer with over 30+ years of experience in the intuitive healing arts. I blend intuitive insights with telepathic skills and distance energy work to support you and your pet.

My clients have included:

· A person on their spiritual path who struggles mentally, emotionally, and has confusion about relationship dynamics.

· A daughter wanting to communicate with her mother in a coma.

· A father wanting to communicate with his autistic son.

· A widow(er) who desires to communicate with a beloved spouse in spirit.

· A person who seeks insight into energetic reasons behind their physical body diseases, such as stroke, heart valve malfunctions, and gall bladder stones. 

· A C-level corporate executive at a health and wellness company.

· A start-up, small business entrepreneur seeking business guidance and personal support.

· A single mother raising 3 boys who seeks personal guidance for herself, and assurance she is providing the best support for her sons. 

· An international attorney seeking business insight, personal support, and healing. 

· A former regional manager of a Fortune 500 company.

· An IT business owner going through an amicable, yet emotionally distressing divorce, seeking clarity, understanding, and peace. 

· An owner of a construction company wanting to receive intuitive validation on relocating his family and business. 

· A holistic practitioner seeking to understand her dog’s sudden, unusually aggressive behavior towards other dogs. 

· A family whose pet transitioned into spirit.

· A German Shepard with digestive issues.

· A horse traumatized by mistreatment seeking to be heard, understood, and receive compassionate care.

· An equine person wanting to give advance notice to a horse before relocating it to a new barn.

Formative Intuitive Experiences

In childhood, I noticed my intuitive talents, including an awareness of loved ones in spirit. When I was seven, a woman appeared to me in spirit form during the night.

The next day, my mother showed me the family photo album. Instantly, I recognized my Grandma Irene as the woman who appeared to me. She had died years before I was born.

Along with many other early experiences, this imprint event inspired me to study life beyond the five senses.

Animal communication came as a surprise at a client’s home in 1996. As I left, my client chuckled and said, “Next time, you’ll have to read for our dog! It has issues!”

Immediately trusting an intuitive prompt, I sat on the floor and listened to the dog telepathically. It explained where it liked to sleep and how it was missing its bacon treat.

When I translated these thoughts to my client, her boyfriend (a skeptic) dropped his jaw and said, “We’ve had that bacon treat on our grocery list for six weeks now, and everyone keeps forgetting to pick it up!”

Word of mouth spread rapidly.

Since that amazing moment, I have continued to honor the spiritual connection we all share and am grateful to serve as a voice for the animals.

Education in the Healing Arts

I hold a master’s in Transpersonal Psychology from Atlantic University and a bachelor’s in Business Administration from Robert Morris University. Under the tutelage of talented mentors, I’ve studied at the Association for Research and Enlightenment and Lily Dale.

Skillfully trained in energy work, our work together may use the concepts from Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Kiastsu.

Public Speaking, Publications and Media

Renee Takacs Intuitive Reading

Serving the healing arts community, I’ve presented research at the International Intuition Conference and have served on the Association for Research and Enlightenment psychic panel.

My writing has appeared in Pet Gazette and Pittsburgh Pet Connections, and I contributed to the book, Stand By Me: A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share.

I’ve made numerous appearances on TV, radio, and in newspapers and magazines to highlight the incredible healing power of intuitive insight and animal communication.

If you’re ready to develop and trust your intuitive insight to live a more peaceful, joyful life, it’s time to book an intuitive consultation with me.

Teachings and Workshops

For 30 years, I’ve led workshops on Intuition Development and Animal Communication.

In these classes, participants learn a simple, but powerful process to complete and trust their own intuitive readings. Specific to the Animal Communication workshops, participants learn to communicate telepathically and intuitively with their pet friends.

These interactive and immersive experiences include practiced, partnered readings to gain confidence and validate the intuitive reading process and its potent insights.

Businesses and places that have booked Intuition Development workshops include

  • Yoga & Wellness Studios
  • Health & Nutrition Stores
  • Women’s Clubs
  • Rotary Clubs
  • The Association for Research & Enlightenment


I’ve also lead Animal Communication workshops in partnership with

  • Animal Friends of Pittsburgh
  • The Pittsburgh Humane Society
  • Collie Frolic Pittsburgh
  • Association for Research and Enlightenment
  • Animal Rescue & Adoption Shelters
  • Dog & Kennel Clubs
  • Animal Hospitals


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me.