Assurance. Insight. Harmony.

Tap into your animal’s thoughts and emotions.

Discover how surprisingly observant and insightful they are.

Receive assurance, guidance, and insight.

Bring harmony to your home and relationship.

Intuitive Readings with Animal Communicator, Renee Takacs

As an animal communicator, I help humans and their animals create strong, healthy partnerships.

After an intuitive reading, you’ll finally understand what your animal is thinking and feeling.

You’ll discover the reasons behind their mysterious or worrisome behavior.

And, you’ll likely find assurance or guidance in decisions around their care, especially for animals in their final stage of life.

If you have a pet who has passed, a reading opens a heart-filled space to grieve and bring closure.

I work with dogs, cats, horses, and other animals and their humans to build compassionate, deep bonds so they can live their best lives—together.

I help humans and their animals

· Uncover their intuitive, heart-felt bond

· Build a loving, compassionate partnership

· Create balance and harmony to their shared home

· Reveal and solve curious or challenging behavior

· Heal their hearts, process grief, and bring closure

What will I do as your Animal Communicator?

I open a telepathic conversation with your animal companion.

I translate their thoughts, feelings, energy, and behavior. You’ll finally be able to talk to your animal friend and gain the insight or assurance you’ve been seeking.

Your animal and I will have a telepathic conversation. I’ll ask questions and hear, feel, and see their messages—translating it all for you.

You’ll discover and gain insight into all levels of their lives: spiritual, behavior, emotional, and physical.

This entire process happens over the phone, so you and your animal friend stay comfortable at home.

Why should I use an Animal Communicator?

With an animal communicator as their translator, your companion animal will have an opportunity to tell you what they think, need, and want from you and their companionship with you.

An intuitive reading with an animal communicator strengthens your relationship. It provides keen awareness and assurance around difficult or trying decisions for your animal. It can also bring closure and help you to process grief.

Gain insight. Restore Clarity. Experience Peace.

Discover New Insight & Awareness

Our animal friends are deeply empathic, and they readily absorb energies from us and our homes. Sometimes their mood and behavior are mirrors of our own lives.

Their mysterious behavior may be a sign of your emotional or physical difficulties. Or, their behavior may be a symptom of friction in your home.

Learn from your pet’s perspective and compassionately meet their needs while bringing harmony to your own life, home, and relationship.

Along the way, you will likely learn about your own fears, sadness, anger, or pain.

Gain Clarity and Assurance

An intuitive reading with an animal communicator provides clarity and assurance for their care and quality of life.

Proceed confidently with choices regarding your animal’s diet, medical decisions, lifestyle, and activities.

These readings will strengthen and reaffirm your intuitive sense of your animal friend. Often, they confirm what you likely suspected and give you the courage to trust your intuitive impressions you receive in the future.

Process Grief and Bring Closure

A visit with your animal friend, who is now in spirit, supports and assists you in moving forward through your grieving process.

Release guilt and embrace self-forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation for the loving friendship you shared. Your relationship may now be experienced differently—by bridging the subtle realms understood through the heart.

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Testimonials for Intuitive Readings for Pets


Renee has helped me for many years with my animals. She solves behavioral problems. She helps me understand what is bothering my animals. Also, it is comforting to have Renee communicate with my animals that have crossed the rainbow bridge. I know they are safe, and I will see them again someday.
Judy F
I have been with Renee for years and with multiple pets, several passed. Renee has always helped me deal with what both my living pets are going through and connecting with my sweet pets that have passed. Her insight has helped me get medical care for my pets that I didn't know I needed, reassure me when I was doubting my own judgement or nudge me in the right direction, and help me with my own distress when a pet has passed. .

Are you interested and ready to begin?

Why Choose Renee Takacs, Animal Communicator?

I’m a renowned, gentle, compassionate, intuitive reader with over 30 years of experience helping humans and their animal friends forge strong, heartfelt bonds.

My sessions blend telepathic skills with intuitive insight and distance-energy work. This potent combination creates the conditions for immediate healing, insight, and change.

I’ve worked with and presented workshops at kennel clubs, humane societies, shelters, veterinarians, and the Association for Research and Enlightenment. As an expert animal communicator, my writing has appeared in Pet Gazette and Pittsburgh Pet Connections.

I contributed to the book, Stand By Me:  A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share.  

Discover more about your animal companion. Tap into their thoughts and feelings. Gain the assurance you seek. Bring peace and harmony to your relationship and home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to have my pet near me?

No. Animal Communication is a telepathic connection. This is a heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind connection at a distance between your animal and me.

Your pet may be in a veterinarian hospital, a kennel, or with a pet sitter when a communication session happens. Some people schedule a reading during their lunch at work while their pet is at home.

However, if your pet is near you, it can be surprising to watch how your animal responds to our telepathic connection.


Will my animal’s behavior change after a reading with an animal communicator?

On many occasions, yes.

A change in behavior may depend on several factors. If the behavior is a result of a health imbalance or behavioral training, those aspects may need to be addressed before you’ll notice a change.

During a reading, you gain information and insight that will help you take appropriate action to bring peace and harmony to your relationship and home.

Do you communicate with pets in spirit?

Yes. Often communicating with your beloved pet in spirit opens a heart-filled space to grieve and bring closure. Release self-doubt or guilt. Embrace self-forgiveness, gratitude, and appreciation for the loving friendship you shared.

After, your relationship may be experienced differently—by bridging the subtle realms understood through the heart.

Can you help me with my lost pet?

No. I do not accept lost pet situations.

I know it is distressing to lose a pet. However, locating a lost pet requires a specialty.

Gain the assurance, insight, and harmony you seek.