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Intuitive Readings for People & Pets

Advance your personal growth. 

Strengthen your relationship with your pet. 

Communicate with loved ones and pets in spirit. 

Intuitive Readings

Personal transformation begins with healing the parts of yourself that feel sad, grieving, anxious, confused, and stuck. An intuitive reading blended with distant-energy work taps into your innate ability to heal yourself.

I help people who are ready to

  • Live a life of awakened integrity in alignment with their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions
  • Let go of old patterns, even ancestral ones, that are holding them back
  • Gain and trust their own sense of authority  
  • Feel empowered to speak their truth and live authentically
  • Open themselves to the wisdom of their intuition 
Animal Communication

Animal Communications

Understand the reasons behind your pet’s worrisome behavior. Readings for pets blend intuitive animal communication (telepathy) with distance healing. Bond deeply and compassionately with your pet. 

I help pet people who are ready to 

  • Connect deeply with their pet’s thoughts, behaviors, energy, and emotions 
  • Strengthen their emotional and intuitive bond with their pet friend
  • Make sense of and adjust their pet’s troubling behavior
  • Bring closure to a relationship with a pet who has passed or is currently passing
  • Create peace and harmony in their homes

How do you know if an intuitive reading is right for you?

Intuitive Readings have helped my clients cope and overcome:

  • Feelings of being stuck, confused, stressed, and indecisive
  • Grief from loss or trauma, either immediate or distant past
  • Emotional and psychological drain from unconsciously absorbing the energies of others
  • Indecision in leadership and business that stems from unhealed wounds or a disconnection from intuition   
  • Compromised personal values and unconscious desire to please others at the expense of their own joy and peace
  • Communication barriers between them and a beloved pet, a loved one in spirit, or someone who is non-verbal (i.e., a loved one with autism, a baby, or someone who is in a coma or is actively transitioning 

What is an Intuitive Reading?

Intuitive readings happen over the phone and are led by me, Renee Takacs. I’m an internationally recognized intuitive guide and consultant with a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology. 

We begin by stepping into the Light of the Divine and opening the healing dimensions. We then invite your Higher Self and spirit team of angels and guides to step forward to support our work. Then, I listen and am guided by the voice of intuition. 

Together we explore, converse, and gain understanding from the insights offered while clearing congested emotions and energies to restore harmony, confidence, and abundance. You receive consciousness tools, imparted from your Higher Self and spirit team, to support your up-shifted perspective and newly patterned vibration. 

Gain insight. Restore Clarity. Experience Peace.

Testimonials for Intuitive Readings

"Our appointment was one of the most profound, helpful and beautiful readings I've ever had. Thank you so much. Your sweet,insightful presence is a balm to my soul in all its aspects."
"I just really want to say thank you for my reading. You have really opened my eyes and provided me with a catalyst to change my life for the better. You truly have a gift."

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What is an Intuitive Reading For Pets?

As with intuitive readings for people, readings for pets happen over the phone. The sessions have a similar structure, focusing on your intention for your pet friend and your growing bond.

Your animal friend and I engage in a telepathic dialogue. I serve as your dear pet’s translator so you can discover what they are thinking and feeling.

I’ve helped clients with pets… 

  • GAIN CONFIDENCE. Clients often feel more confident in their telepathic and intuitive abilities when the intuitive reading confirms the messages their pet friends have been sending. Clients often move forward empowered, knowing they are making the right decisions about their pet friend’s well-being, diet, and care. They gain critical information about their pet’s comfort (or discomfort) to help them make tough decisions without self-doubt. 

  • HEAL THEIR HEARTS. When a pet transitions, a visit with a beloved pet in spirit can you both in moving forward and through the grief of letting go. 

  • IMPROVE INSIGHT. Clients learn about life from their pet’s perspective. With this shift in perspective, you can compassionately meet their needs, improve their care, and strengthen your bond.
  • GET CLARITY & UNDERSTANDING: When you understand your pet’s emotions, you can address your pet in compassionate, healing ways that improve their comfort and quality of life while also creating more peace and harmony for you and your home. Sometimes a pet’s troublesome behavior reflects your emotional or physical difficulties or a sign of discord in your home. Your pet may be trying to communicate this through their behavior.

Are you interested and ready to begin?

Why choose me, Renee Takacs, as your Intuitive Reader and Vibrational Healer?

I blend intuitive insights and telepathic skills with powerful, distance energy work. 

With over 30+ years of experience in the intuitive healing arts, my intuitive readings and consultations help people and their pet friends gain insight, restore clarity, and experience peace. 

I have a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and extensive studies in energy work, including Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Kiatsu.

I’ve presented research at the International Intuition Conference and served on the Association for Research and Enlightenment psychic panel. I contributed to the book, Stand By Me:  A Holistic Handbook for Animals, Their People and the Lives They Share.