Please enjoy these meditations designed to assist you in connecting with your inner awareness and spiritual consciousness.

Venture to a majestic mountaintop to a Tibetan Monastery using your healing imaginative forces. Breathe the refreshing mountain air, view the picturesque landscape and resonate with the healing sounds available within the Divine energy of the monastery. 7 minutes.

Enjoy this soothing, guided visualization ushering in the energies of springtime. Since we are all undergoing such rapid change on many levels, sometimes we just need a break from all the craziness, and this guided visualization offers a gentle reprieve. 8 minutes.

Step into your heart for inner discovery. A doorway opens leading to a cherished desire, animating your heart spark. Then, a supportive space opens encouraging forgiveness, of others and of self, necessary to fully awaken creative energy in your heart. This immersive experience leads to a greater capacity to hold more light while radiating light and love to all. 18 minutes.

Feel safe in your body as you’re cradled in the energy of Mother Earth. Feel an influx of life force energy by connecting to Father Source. These two creative energies merge in your heart, offering a releasing of sadness, fears, or frustrations. Feel yourself settle into stillness, calmness, and serenity, like a beautiful, white feather, resting on the ground on a windless day. 12 minutes.