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Intuition Circle

Classes in 2023

Intuition Circle–Monthly class

3rd Sunday of each month at Laughing Elephant Yoga studio

Intuition Circle offers practice in developing and trusting your intuition and subtle energy awareness with paired partners, receiving and sharing encouraging insight with follow-up validation that builds confidence and personal empowerment, while navigating inner growth in a spiritual environment. Please bring a journal.

First visit/class is free at Laughing Elephant Yoga studio!  (828) 595-9747


Intuition Basics Class

Saturday, June 3, 10:00a-12:30p at Laughing Elephant Yoga Studio, $40

Discover how your intuition communicates so you can strengthen your relationship with the infallible counsel of your inner voice. Learn where intuition comes from, its unique language, and the difference between intuition, imagination, fear, and ego. Experience inner awareness exercises and easy-to-do techniques for grounding and attunement, essential for consistent and reliable access to your intuition. Reclaim the first intelligence that has always been with you. Is your intuition nudging you to sign up?

“Intuition is soul guidance, appearing naturally in man during those instants when his mind is calm…The goal of yoga science is to calm the mind that without distortion it may hear the infallible counsel of the inner voice.”  Parmahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi.


Intuition Development

Saturday, February 25, 10:00a – 1:30p

Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock Campus.  Under Special Interests.


The Fun-damentals of Animal Communication

Saturday, February 18, 10:00a-1:30p

Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock campus. Under Special Interests.