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Classes in 2024

Intuition Circle–Monthly Ongoing Class

1st Sunday of each month at Peace at Hand Massage studio

217 Linda Vista Drive, Hendersonville, NC

Intuition Circle offers practice in developing and trusting your intuition and subtle energy awareness by receiving and sharing encouraging insights with participants. Validation of messages builds confidence and personal empowerment while navigating inner growth. Please bring a journal. Fee: $20


Intuition Development

Saturday, February 17, 10:00a – 1:30p

Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock Campus.  Listed Under Special Interests.

Discover how your intuition communicates with you so you can strengthen your relationship with the infallible counsel of your inner voice. Learn where intuition comes from, its unique language, and the difference between intuition, imagination, fear, and ego. Experience inner awareness exercises and easy-to-do techniques for grounding and attunement, essential for consistent and reliable access to your intuition. Reclaim the first intelligence that has always been with you. Is your intuition nudging you to sign up? Fee: $35


The Fun-damentals of Animal Communication

Saturday, March 16, 10:00a-1:30p

Blue Ridge Community College, Flat Rock campus. Listed Under Special Interests.

Learn how to communicate with your pet intuitively and telepathically to better understand the reasons behind their behavior. Experience a balance of information and confidence-building, inner awareness exercises designed to assist in developing your intuitive, multi-sensory and telepathic abilities. You’ll learn how to meet the needs of your pet as you listen within and embody new ways of perceiving Discover heart-centered ways to deepen your bond with your pet and to resolve confusing behavior. No animals will be allowed during this course. Fee: $35