Afraid of the Man in the Bedroom

Aslan, a three-year-old Doberman, was exhibiting fearful behavior. My client explained that when entering the master bedroom Aslan would begin barking incessantly with his attention focused toward the window. He would then run from the room and cower in a bedroom down the hall.

When I communicated with Aslan he said he was afraid of the man in the bedroom and was alerting his persons by barking. While intuitively scanning the bedroom I discovered a man in spirit. I also discovered a portal! A spirit portal is a doorway that allows easy access for spirit to enter and exit.

I decided to address the portal first. I observed clairvoyantly the man as well as other people in spirit who had also taken up gathering in the room. None of these spirits felt familiar in relationship to my client. Although they did not mean any harm, they did not belong on this plane and were causing a disruption in the household.

Calling upon my higher vibrational helpers in spirit we escorted the entire group into the care of the ‘Angels of Transition.’ (For more information on the Angels of Transition and portals, please read my People post for September.) I observed this escorting process happen while watching the entire group quietly leave and the portal close. My client reported that Aslan remained resting calmly with one eye watching, from the bed in the master bedroom while I coordinated this effort.

Within days my client emailed me, letting me know that the very day we had our session Aslan’s behavior changed from frantic to calm when he entered the bedroom. His person said, “Aslan no longer gets that look of fear on his face nor runs from the bedroom.”


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