RICE – Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion, Sep 2016

Sep 15 – Oct 15, 2016 ¬†Quality of Being Cooperation and Contribution Message of Self Mastery Opportunities will arise to engage in cooperative ventures in heart-centered ways. Remember cooperation begins first within yourself! These ventures may be simple recreational activities, or a connection with a person or organization, where you may joyfully share your talents, […]

Afraid of the Man in the Bedroom

Aslan, a three-year-old Doberman, was exhibiting fearful behavior. My client explained that when entering the master bedroom Aslan would begin barking incessantly with his attention focused toward the window. He would then run from the room and cower in a bedroom down the hall. When I communicated with Aslan he said he was afraid of […]

Portals and Spirits and Angels, Oh My!

One night while falling asleep I distinctly felt hands sweep across my legs. Even for me, this felt uncomfortable. In this moment, my discernment told me it wasn’t anyone that I knew in spirit, like family or a friend. A short time later, a guest who was visiting for the weekend reported having the same […]