Portals and Spirits and Angels, Oh My!

One night while falling asleep I distinctly felt hands sweep across my legs. Even for me, this felt uncomfortable. In this moment, my discernment told me it wasn’t anyone that I knew in spirit, like family or a friend. A short time later, a guest who was visiting for the weekend reported having the same experience. Clearly, it was time for a spiritual intervention!

Within days, I conducted the intervention. The setting was the bedroom where the event took place. After doing my usual spiritual attunement I set my intention–to connect with the person in spirit who had reached out and touched me.

As I started my mother, who is in spirit, stepped forward first and began to dialogue with me. I asked mom if she could tell me who touched me and why? She responded very clearly and rather nonchalantly, “Oh honey, that’s just a portal and you are having people in spirit coming through.” I remember feeling completely intrigued.

With piqued attention, more questions raced through my mind like, “What is a portal?” “What can I do about this?” Mom answered saying that I could close the portal, and there are Spiritual Beings who could assist me.

What is a Portal?

A portal is an inter-dimensional gateway, through which spiritual beings can travel. It is recommended that the closing is known through all planes of existence and dimensions and that this portal is closed through all time, space and dimensions. When closing a portal, be sure to clear the space of any ‘travelers’ who remain before sealing the portal, as they will use that doorway to leave.

Angels of Transition

My awareness picked up a man in spirit to my right. He felt like a lonely farmer, appeared to have passed at an old age and was wearing overalls. Aha! HE was the man who reached out and touched me!

I called upon the ‘Angels of Transition’ to please step forward to assist this man in entering the higher realms of light if it was in his highest good. Angels of Transition are loving, radiant Light Beings who assist trapped, confused or lonely spirits to move on to higher planes of consciousness within the spiritual realms.

I immediately saw two radiant beings appear on either side of him. I introduced myself to this man and explained to him what was happening. I then invited him to trust these beings who could escort him to a place filled with love, familiar family members and friends where he would feel a sense of connection, belonging and love again. Even once we have returned to the spirit realm, we have free will and can choose whether to remain at a known consciousness level or to move on.

The farmer then asked me a sincere, yet unexpected, question . . . “Could I take my tractor with me?” I compassionately told him he probably wouldn’t need it where he was going.

I then had the honor and privilege of watching him turn his back and begin to ascend with the Angels of Transition on either side of him, lovingly escorting him into the higher realms.


Within days, a friend who is a master geomancer came to the house for a visit. I was sharing my fascinating experience with her during dinner. In mid-bite, she dropped her fork, promptly marched to her Mary Poppins-like purse and pulled out a divining rod. She confidently stated, “Let’s go find this portal.”

While walking through the yard, she quickly defined the portal’s boundaries which encompassed part of our yard and part of the neighbor’s yard. We set a date for closing the portal using her methodology. I wasn’t taking any chances. I wanted this thing closed. Within days, my friend conducted her methodology for portal closing. Since then, the bedroom has remained calm and hands-free!

In my Pet post for September, I also share how I assisted a family with their frightened dog by identifying and closing a portal with immediate, positive results.

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