RICE (Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion)

August 2016

During a recent morning meditation, I asked Source for a way to express my creativity while being helpful to people in my own, unique way. Source responded. . .

An inner vision formed of an infinite flow of uncooked rice pouring into my hands from above me. As the rice overflowed, I poured it into other people’s hands who appeared in front of me. Another group of visions passed by my mind’s eye which indicated sharing wisdom through writing. And thus, I now had a place to start.

I shared this vision with a dear, wise friend who is a Feng Shui master. She said there is a Chinese tradition that rice represents ‘abundance,’ particularly when rice is gifted to someone in a red envelope. The color red symbolizes ‘life and plenty.’

I was giddy with excitement in trusting this new prompting. Therefore, I offer to all of you, the gift of abundance, through R.I.C.E., spiritual food for the heart and spirit. I hope you’ll enjoy receiving your infinite flow of rice and will feel comfortably nourished and uplifted. Your first serving will begin inĀ  September!

In light and peace,


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