Looking At Your Life – From Fearful to Flowing (Part 1 of 3)

Have you been feeling like you’re hitting a roadblock? Is it time to rediscover feeling your flow again? Some clients I’ve spoken with recently have described their life in these ways:

    –  An undertow is taking me down.

    –  I’m taking some punches.

    –  I’m getting splashed with dirty water from someone else’s dirty water bucket.

If you’ve hit a roadblock, I can help you cipher what is going on. Together you and I can bridge the gap from feeling fearful and overwhelmed to feeling light and flowing again.

An effective formula for maneuvering through roadblocks is:

1) Identify your fear.

2) Release your fear.

3) Establish new awareness, beliefs, intentions.

“I feel so much lighter. It’s palpable. I actually feel different in my body. Thank you.”

                                                                                                ~ client we’re calling: Jane

 During Jane’s session, there were 3 actions we took for identifying and dissolving her fear:

1)  Distance Energy Work blended with Intuitive Insight.

2)  An awareness exercise – The Sensation of Neutral.

3)  Reframing Limiting Thoughts.

This month we will focus on the Intuitive Insight theme that came forth during Jane’s session. Over the following months, I’ll guide you through the Sensation of Neutral exercise and how to Reframe a Limiting Thought.


Jane had been feeling overwhelmed with work: the travel involved, clients’ strife, personal financial fluctuations, the care of her aging mother and lack of any personal time for fun recreational or social activities.  Here are the questions she posed:

“How can I help myself be a better person and lose the fear? I feel like I’m one of the most positive people there is, however, I’ve allowed myself to be washed with fear. Is there any insight to get over the fear and to get to the other side of it?”

Here is the Intuitive Insight that came forth. Intuitive insight speaks through metaphors and images:

Jane had an idea of wanting to climb a mountain. She talked with other people, and they told her about all the kinds of hiking equipment they thought she would need. She acquired all of the hiking equipment, geared up and was prepared to hike the mountain.

 When she arrived at the location of the mountain, she asked someone how to get to the mountain because she wasn’t seeing it. Someone told her it was behind that building, and they pointed to a building. She went around the building and did not see a mountain. Instead she saw a hill.

 She realized she didn’t need two-thirds of the hiking equipment she was carrying which was feeling heavy and bogging her down. She unburdened herself by releasing what she didn’t need. Jane climbed up the hill, enjoyed viewing the landscape from a higher perspective, then ventured back down the hill, with a feeling of freedom, trust and accomplishment.

Although this metaphor was specifically tailored for Jane, this is the archetypal journey for each of us on the hero, or heroine’s, journey! Our journey invites us to live from our original, unique self, unencumbered by extra equipment – which may come in the way of limiting thoughts and emotional traumas.

While doing the Distance Energy Work with Jane, I watched a show of light and energy flow through her body, releasing constrictions of fear, elevating her to a higher octave. I felt a surge of Jane’s true essence bubble up within her which felt like giggling joy, her natural essence. This Distance Energy Work, blended with additional Intuitive Insight, helped Jane see her life through fresh eyes and spark a new beginning.

Stay tuned. Next month I’ll guide you through The Sensation of Neutral exercise.





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