Looking At Your Life – From Fearful to Flowing (Part 2 of 3)

“How can I help myself be a better person and lose the fear? I feel like I’m one of the most positive people there is, however, I’ve allowed myself to be washed with fear. Is there any insight to get over the fear and to get to the other side of it?”        ~ Client we’re calling: Jane

There were 3 actions we took for dissolving Jane’s fear:

1) Distance Energy Work blended with Intuitive Insight.

2) An awareness exercise – The Sensation of Neutral.

3) Reframing limiting thoughts.

In this post, I’m sharing: The Sensation of Neutral Exercise, a tool to assist you in moving from fearful to flowing.

The Sensation of Neutral Exercise

This exercise brings your attention to sensation in your body to recognize the difference between fear mode and neutral mode. By practicing this awareness, you can take positive  action to reset your mind, emotions and perspective to keep on flowing.

  • Think of something, or someone, which is causing you to feel overwhelmed.

Jane was asked to think about her clients’ strife and how that made her feel.

  • Where, in your physical body, do you notice a sensation related to this strife, distress or overwhelm?
  • Take a moment to feel this sensation. Make a note of where you feel the sensation in your physical body. How would you describe the sensation?

Jane responded,  “I feel the sensation in my belly. It feels like a knot or a lump and fluttery- like butterflies in there.”

“Good. Now let’s switch to NEUTRAL mode.”

  • Allow a memory to surface of a time when you felt relaxed, safe or peaceful. Perhaps recall a favorite place in nature where you enjoy being or a favorite person or pet you enjoy being with. You also may use your imaginative forces to create a feeling of being relaxed, safe and peaceful. Allow a relaxed, clearing breath to create space within your body.

As Jane was guided into this awareness, she was asked to check back in with the awareness of the sensation in her belly.  She calmly said,The sensation of the knot, lump and fluttering in my belly went away.”

I said, “Let’s call this sensation now in your belly NEUTRAL.”

  • You are invited to imprint the sensation of NEUTRAL into your awareness and in your body…this is your healthy, natural state of being.

For Jane, her belly is her indicator, or calibration tool, that is going to gauge her fear or neutral mode during life situations.

The FIRST STEP on the spiritual journey is the releasing of fear. In December’s post I’ll share a limiting belief that Jane uncovered and how she, and you, can reclaim greater freedom and joy through empowered beliefs. It’s easier than you think!  

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