RICE (Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion), Nov 2016

Quality of Being Ease, Trust and Action Through Inner Calm Message of Self Mastery On a back-country road, I have noticed a spring where water naturally flows. I have seen people filling up their containers with this natural spring water. Like this continuously flowing mountain spring, we too, have access to an infinite flow of […]

A Champion Dog’s Success

This happy client shared her joy with me after our communication with her Golden Retriever, Krozby. “I’m very excited to let you know that Krozby finished his Championship this past weekend in Cumberland Maryland!!! He won both shows in Grand Style. Thank you for helping me channel the positive, happy, fun energy to him and […]

Looking At Your Life – From Fearful to Flowing (Part 2 of 3)

“How can I help myself be a better person and lose the fear? I feel like I’m one of the most positive people there is, however, I’ve allowed myself to be washed with fear. Is there any insight to get over the fear and to get to the other side of it?”        ~ Client we’re […]