RICE – Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion, Oct 2016

October 15 – November 15, 2016

Quality of Being

Greater Awareness Within Your Heart

Message of Self Mastery

We have an enhanced opportunity to learn from what has caused us pain in the past and to make a conscious choice to avoid repeating the same experience. We have support in activating new awareness and new behavior reclaiming our core belief in self.

Remember what it feels like to get a paper cut? Perhaps you remember cutting your finger on the sharp edge of a metal can after opening it? A little water, soap and bandaid, thus you cleaned and protected the exposed wound. Within days, your body in its innate wisdom healed the skin like new. We learned how ‘not’ to do that again.

The kinds of ‘paper cuts’ we may now find ourselves to be reviewing are the relationships, people, organizations, or events that have caused us to feel some tweak of discomfort in the past. Perhaps they served to mirror a wavering sense of significance or where we were not trusting our self. We can now choose a different perspective, approach or technique to release the discomfort and feel more comfortable in our own skin.


Be aware of opportunities for rediscovering what brings your heart a sense of relaxed, comfortable self-support. Does it feel better to be with people or to be alone? Can you feel grateful just to be you? If there are emotional or mental aspects of you that do not feel welcome any longer, are you willing to devote time to acknowledging those aspects, thank them for serving you until now, and then taking some action to send them packing? The ‘you’ who has believed in you all along, is excitedly awaiting your arrival! And NOW is the perfect time.


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