A Champion Dog’s Success

This happy client shared her joy with me after our communication with her Golden Retriever, Krozby.

“I’m very excited to let you know that Krozby finished his Championship this past weekend in Cumberland Maryland!!! He won both shows in Grand Style. Thank you for helping me channel the positive, happy, fun energy to him and his handler.

 As for Krozby’s spirit friend ( the farmer, named Karl, who you saw standing behind the couch ) I think I identified him! Krozby and I walk in a nearby PARK frequently. A farmer named KARL donated his farm which become this park. A park bench commemorates his donation. I feel he may have followed us home. Thanks to you and Krozby, I’m grateful that we helped Karl transition into a higher dimension.”                                                   ~Beth from PA

 Beth’s pet companion, Krozby had two more competition shows to complete. She was concerned about his performance and wondered what he was thinking and feeling. She wanted to make sure he was happy going to competitions.

Stack Portion of the Competition

Beth explained that many judges say that Krozby’s smile and expression is typical Golden Retriever. Her concern was that sometimes during the stack portion he gave a sour apple face and did not stand up straight.

When I asked Krozby, “How do you feel during the stack competition?” Krozby gave me two areas of noticeable sensations: his stomach and his chest. As I investigated these sensations, his stomach sensation felt like his own excitement.

However his chest sensation felt like anxiety, which he was empathically picking up from his handler during the competition. His handler was holding the belief and thought…I have to get this right. At a subconscious level I saw this anxious thought energy like a hook wrapped around Krozby’s neck. Krozby felt pressured which distracted him from having fun.

Having Fun

“How can I help him relax and be himself?” asked Beth.

I was guided to offer:

  1. Energy work.
  2. Intuitively inspired suggestions.

When working with animals, I use a Four-Step Healing Process:

  1. Acknowledge the problem or imbalance.
  2. Ask the pet to identify his or her happiest memory.
  3. Allow that happiest memory to infuse as a feeling tone throughout the pet’s entire being.
  4. Offer gratitude, and in addition, welcome support from light beings.

During this process, I observe the energetic subtleties of transmutation until I see and feel the pet’s frequency has shifted and is more in harmony with his or her own original essence.

Following Krozby’s healing process, I returned to the original question – “How do you feel, Krozby, during the stack competition?” With pleasure and ease, he felt like he was in his essence again.

Intuitive Suggestions

Before Krozby goes into the ring, consider conveying these messages to him:

I want you to have fun.

Your handler is having fun.

I am having fun.

Let’s all have fun together.

While saying this to Krozby send an image, from your mind to his mind, of him being in his ideal stack pose while feeling the joy of the moment.

The handler’s suggested mantra is I trust and believe in myself and I accept my highest potential.

Thanks to a dedicated team effort, Krozby’s championship prevailed, in fun and confident ways!  


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