RICE (Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion), Nov 2016

Quality of Being

Ease, Trust and Action Through Inner Calm

Message of Self Mastery

On a back-country road, I have noticed a spring where water naturally flows. I have seen people filling up their containers with this natural spring water.

Like this continuously flowing mountain spring, we too, have access to an infinite flow of intuitive wisdom, love and courage.

How would it feel to set an intention to be open to receiving and anchoring more light within you, so you could connect with your Original Essence?

To have this experience, imagine a column of light beginning above the top of your head infusing down into your whole being, filling every cell of your body and then anchoring the light onto the planet. This light, like the refreshing spring water, naturally flows and disburses residue of what no longer serves your highest good.

As you set an intention to connect with your Original Essence, it will occur, even though you may not consciously be aware of it in the moment. Later you may notice feeling a softness in your body, more relaxed, mentally clearer, smiling easily and responding in self-nurturing and self-supportive ways.

Although immersing yourself in a column of light is a healthy spiritual practice, it feels particularly relevant now. In our daily lives in the midst of great change, we have the choice to live within trust or to live within fear. Being immersed in light fortifies and nurtures trust, patience and acceptance which turns the volume down on fear, anxiety and judgment.

Connecting with your Original Essence will amp up what is feeling comfortable and flowing in your life. It will bring to the surface what is feeling uncomfortable and not flowing. Taking loving action will create the new space and a new creative direction that is right for you, restoring comfort and flow.

It is so important to be gentle with yourself during this process. This gentleness becomes a powerful, invisible resonance serving as a gift you give to yourself. Then, this gift can be shared with ease and comfort with everyone else in your life.



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