Looking At Your Life – From Fearful to Flowing (Part 3 of 3)

A client, Jane, requested an Intuitive Consultation and expressed her desire to get to the other side of fear. The other side of fear included her ability to trust herself and realize her significance. In this post, I’m sharing Jane’s process for reframing one of her limiting thoughts.

For Jane, there were 3 actions we took for dissolving her fear:

1) Distance Energy Work blended with Intuitive Insight (see Oct post). 

2) An awareness exercise – The Sensation of Neutral (see Nov post).

3) Reframing limiting thoughts.

Limiting Thoughts

During our session, Jane mentioned a few of her many positive qualities: being a good listener, blessed at making money, believes in the power of prayer, and the ability to support leaders in business through her consulting business.

On the fear side, Jane had been aware of:

  • Feeling like part of her value was being available anytime for her client’s and if she wasn’t available then she would lose them.
  • Exhibiting behavior shocking to her, such as ignoring bills.
  • Thinking and praying about these behaviors yet they seemed to be getting worse.
  • Getting buried in her clients’ problems and not setting healthy boundaries.
  • Seeing family and friends through a different lens from when she was growing up and being aware of having learned from her family you have to worry about what the neighbors’ think.
  • Feeling like she had to prove she was good enough, smart enough.
  • Noticing family members who seemed to get orgasmic pleasure when someone was having a bad time.
  • Deciding she did not want to be around negative people anymore.

These realizations were causing Jane to feel sad, disappointed, ashamed and embarrassed, and I’m sure each of us can find at least one item on this list to relate to.

Reframing A Thought

Changing even one limiting thought gets the momentum going to shift from fear to confidence:

I have more value when I’m available anytime for my clients, and if I’m not available anytime, I’ll loose them.

I asked Jane some questions:

  • “What would be easiest for you in dealing with any one of your clients and your preferred time factor?
  • Is there an ideal scenario regarding their access to you?
  • What would that look like?”

She spoke honestly, “I’m not sure because I need to turn down the volume of this thought, ‘the more access they have, the more valuable I am.”

We reframed her thought to the opposite thought:

The less access my clients have to me, the more valuable I am to them. I invited her to check in with how that felt to her.

Jane responded, “I have just a tinge of fear, thinking wow Renee, you’re talking crazy now!”

I asked Jane to give me an image of crazy as she pondered the thought, less access more value.

Jane replied, “It’s like a mountain I can’t get my mind around.”

“How could you re-imagine the opposite of the mountain image that you can’t get your mind around?”

Without hesitation, Jane proclaimed, “A grain of sand!”

I elaborated on Jane’s new thought for her consideration: “I am more valuable, with less access to my clients, as I’m loving myself, being compassionate with myself, realizing my significance, spending less time packing, traveling and having more energy for personal time and fun socializing.”

Bonus Factors

The bonus factor for Jane is she now resonates in her integrity – her thoughts, words and actions are now aligned. She can offer what is alive in her and what makes life more wonderful for her. Her life serves as an eloquent example giving other people permission to align with their integrity.

Jane commented, as we were concluding: Renee, I just love hearing your voice. It’s so soothing to me and your content is fabulous. It’s amazing to me how maybe this is the way girls are socialized – to feel like you’re not enough and you have to keep giving, giving, giving and doing, doing, doing? I’ve realized an intensity of exhaustion with that behavior.

I’ve realized how I want to insert myself into situations, by god, I’m so fabulous, I’m gonna be able to fix this, yet realizing it had been easier for me to do it for someone else than for myself. I guess this is my ego.

“Well, let’s look at it this way,” I said. “It was just something that hadn’t opened up in you yet. You must feed your own need to feel significant within yourself first, before you can be truly effective in helping other people shift into their significance and purpose.”

With this new brilliant gem in her belly, Jane, now radiates, “I AM ENOUGH!”

And so too are you, Dear Readers, and let us all remember this grain of sand!



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