Is My Pet Acting Out of Spite?

With the holiday season upon us, there are many new people, scents, household additions (such as a tree) or other animals visiting, let alone heightened energies. This is a good time to pay attention to the needs of your house pet(s) and their needs for normalcy.

Client Trudy:  My cat, Dandy, is peeing on the couch. What’s going on? Is she doing this out of spite?

A cat who is house soiling is experiencing either physical stress, emotional stress or both. In Dandy’s case, she was experiencing emotional stress.

Trudy ruled out any physical stress from a vet visit. I concurred when I did my intuitive scan through Dandy’s body, I did not feel any uncomfortable sensations and she did not communicate any to me. 


Cats do not act out of spite. Spite is a human emotion. When a human is feeling hurt, he or she may react in a way to deliberately hurt, annoy or offend another person. Cats, and animals in general, do not act out of spite.

Our animal friends are here to lovingly support us as companions and healers. They will signal us when they sense something is off, whether it is within their body, your life or in the environment.

The Smell and The Anxiety

Dandy told me she was peeing on the couch because it did not smell right. She also was feeling anxiety and sadness from the humans in the home and trying to let them know she felt something was ‘off.’

When I merged with Dandy’s energy field, this smell was an unpleasant one like a combination of illness and chemical. It reminded me of the smell I would notice when I visited with one of my Grandmothers who had cancer.

Trudy shared with me that her husband was undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. He typically would sit on that side of the couch where Dandy was peeing.


To help resolve this situation, Trudy and I approached it from 3 levels: Practical Action, Telepathic Acknowledgement and Energetic Healing:

Practical Action that Trudy took:

  • Cleaned the couch and placed protective padding on it with a sheet over top.
  • Closed the door to that room to prevent Dandy from having access for awhile to redirect her behavior. The plan is to re-introduce Dandy to the room after Trudy’s husband completed the chemo treatments.
  • Burned a sage smudge stick. This is a Native American method to create calm and to let go of old emotional baggage from a location or a person.

Telepathic Acknowledgment:

  • I told Dandy that everyone knew about the husband’s situation and everyone was working to correct the imbalance.
  • We assured Dandy that her message was getting across and preferred her cooperation with her peeing only in her liter box.
  • Pets understand affirmative messages. If you mentally or verbally say, “Don’t pee on the couch” your pet hears, “Pee on the couch.” Clear, positive communication successfully works. It helps to think the thought in positive wording, verbalize it if you choose, AND picture the image or scenario in your mind’s eye, of your pet doing the preferred behavior, like an image of your cat peeing in a liter box.  

Energetic Healing:

  • I worked on clearing Dandy’s emotional field to clear the fear, anxiety and sadness.
  • I recommended flower essence remedies from Green Hope Farms, Many of my clients are finding these remedies effective for supporting balance in their pet and in themselves.

In a follow up call with Trudy, these solutions are working for now. Our hope is that Dandy will be ‘just dandy’ once again!  


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