R.I.C.E. – Relevant Insight for Conscious Expansion, Dec 2016

Quality of Being

 Soul Self, Timelessness

Self Mastery

Are you familiar with the famous painter, Salvador Dahli, and his paintings of melting clocks? His melting clock image reminds me that time is really fluid.

Did you know that in our experience of time, we have 2 kinds? We have chronological, sequential time, which in Greek was called Kronos or Father time. We also have Kairos time or Mother Time. Kairos is a time lapse, a moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens.

We honor Kronos time when we have to make it to the post office before it closes, pay the bills to avoid a late charge, make it to work on time, pick up the kids after school, or the dog from the groomer…you get the idea.

We honor Kairos, or Mother Time, when we ‘lose track of chronological time.’ This occurs when we are immersed in a state of flow when being creative, making love, participating in an athletic activity, receiving energy work or meditating.

Meeting our Soul Self

Wintertime in our northern hemisphere offers an opportunity to go inward where we can meet our Soul Self in a state of timelessness. Within our Soul Self, time melts. We let go of things, places, people, emotions, deadlines and projects. We rediscover a deeper aspect of who we are. We can emerge from this refreshing communion with an expanded sense of self-awareness.

Meditation Suggestion

Here’s one way to enter into an inner place of timelessness. Consider selecting a quality of being that you have experienced in your life and would like more of. A few examples may include Acceptance, Peace, Gratitude or Stillness.

For this meditative experience it is important to really call up or connect in with the feeling tone of your chosen quality. Allow all of your senses to participate. You may envision a scene, recall a memory, evoke a scent or sound of when you experienced your chosen quality. You also may mentally repeat the word silently to yourself, “Acceptance, Acceptance, Acceptance.”

As you immerse yourself in the feeling tone of your chosen quality, at some point, release the mental repeating of your word, going even deeper, allowing yourself to surrender into a supportive space of timelessness, merging with your Soul Self.

As we say goodbye to 2016 with gratitude of all that we learned, let’s usher in 2017, by remembering to honor Kairos, Mother Time, as much as we honor Kronos, Father Time.



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