Evaluating Relationships

I realized recently that many Intuitive Consultation sessions are about relationships which include a significant other, a family member, friendships that are in question, co-workers, neighbors or pets. Clients ask about the relationship they have with their own health and body. Business owners ask about the right mix for their management teams, potential clients, as well as partners in mergers, acquisitions or divestitures.

Additional relationships include those at multi-dimensional levels with loved ones in spirit, relationships with an environment like the energy within a house, the land or even with Light Beings in higher realms. Life is about how we relate to any and all we come in contact with! It is all part of the human experience.

If you are feeling CONFUSED about any relationship in your life, consider these questions which I found in a book by Greg Braden, Resilience From the Heart, the Power to Thrive in Life’s Extremes:

  1. Am I happy in the relationship?
  1. Is this a healthy relationship?
  1. Is it likely that things will improve?

 When I look at these questions, my ‘go-to’ method for assessing relationships is to process them intuitively. Here are my impressions from evaluating someone in my life who I’ll refer to as ‘Person A.’  Using my intuitive approach, I quietly relax into my inner awareness, ask the question and trust the insight that comes forth.

Person A

Am I happy in the relationship?

When I think of this person, at a sensation level, my whole body relaxes, my chest and heart soften, and I feel warm. I feel the corners of my mouth lifting as I find myself literally smiling. In my mind’s eye, an image comes of being lovingly embraced in a warm hug. Emotionally I feel mutual acceptance and contentment. My encompassing feeling is that I am happy in the relationship.

Is this a healthy relationship?

My first impression is seeing a ‘figure 8’ on its side, known as the infinity symbol. There is a flow of energy swirling through the figure 8. At some point the energy looks and feels like when a sputtering engine starts to run out of gas or when someone temporarily applies the brakes in a vehicle. The pause is only brief and then the energy flows again. Overall it feels like a dance between Person A and me.

Is it likely that things will improve?

The first image I see is an image of the Sun which symbolically represents the other person. I then see an image of the moon, which symbolically represents me. An intersection of light forms, and the blended combination of light reflects upon each of us. It feels comfortable and welcomed. The light then expands in ripples from the blending of the Sun and Moon.

Person A was obviously someone I will continue to remain in relationship with. When assessing relationships, to use Gregg’s metaphors, there are times where we simply hit a ‘speed bump’ even in our happy relationships. Then, there are times when we just need a whole new highway!

Here is a simplified excerpt from a session that I’ve conducted in the past six months where the client was confused about a relationship.

Mixed Signals to Breakthrough Awareness

 A woman, we’ll call Suzie, was feeling anxious and tense about spending time with a new gentleman. A substantial friendship had not yet formed. There were a lot of unknowns yet to be discovered and assessed whether the woman and the individual were compatible, shared similar values, goals or dreams and if mutual needs were being met.

During the session, insights and questions emerged to assist Suzie with self-reflection. She realized her own inner conflict was creating her anxiety. This resulted in giving mixed signals to the gentleman.  

She realized a pattern in which she entered into relationships with men rather quickly at a physical intimacy level before comfortably exploring or establishing a deeper and discerning friendship. She recognized her pattern of interacting with men who were either unavailable emotionally, financially or geographically. With the men who seemed available, she would create parameters that would sabotage the relationship. Her awareness during our session allowed a valuable breakthrough moment. 

Unconscious Needs

As with all of us, many of our actions spring from unconscious needs not being met. Once we become aware of our needs, we can consciously make changes for our desired experiences or outcomes. (For a list of human needs see www.cnvc.org/Training/needs-inventory.)

She felt empowered by recognizing her needs for honest and clear communication; affectionate companionship; curious engagement; and fun excitement. She then took action and had a heart-to-heart conversation with her gentleman friend. They decided to continue developing the relationship through honest, open-hearted and potentially vulnerable communication. This was another step in self-discovery and in creating an authentic relationship with her inner spirit first from which all external relationships are reflected.

As you reflect on the information I’ve shared, is there a relationship in your life that seems uncomfortable in some way? If so, I would be happy to assist you in gaining greater mental clarity, emotional contentment and spiritual peace. It all begins within.

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