Why Is My Dog Doing That?

As we know, our pet friends serve as companions, friends, healers, and protectors. They instinctively attempt to restore balance in our energy fields when they perceive we’re out of sorts. The following information offers 2 examples from 2 different women inquiring about their dogs’ seemingly uncharacteristic behavior. An animal communication session provided these curious women with a shift in perspective and a satisfying revelation of their dogs’ unconditional love!

A Safe Perimeter

The first inquiry came from a woman feeling rather frustrated because her Labradoodle, Lassie, had become aggressive toward other dogs. Lassie also had snatched a jar of peanut butter from the kitchen counter licking the jar clean! This was a first-time behavior for Lassie while living with her person for the past 3 years.

Lassie communicated to me the reason behind her aggression was to establish a ‘safe perimeter’ for her person by warding off other dogs. As this caring woman and I conversed, she mentioned that 3 weeks prior, she fell and injured her dominant hand. She was unable to use it, and she felt a little vulnerable.

Ah ha! The reason for Lassie’s aggressive behavior lit up in my heart and mind as an intuitive bolt of lightning! Lassie was attempting to establish a safe space, or perimeter, for her person by warding off other dogs because it was Lassie’s way of protecting her given her recent injury!

De-Stressing With Peanut Butter

As a holistic practitioner, this sensitive woman admitted to feeling highly stressed as she attempted to meet the ongoing health needs of her clientele. Lassie felt this stress coming from her person, and when she ate the jar of peanut butter, this felt like stress eating.

Lassie was attempting to run her person’s stress through her own energy field in order to discharge her person’s energy. This lovely woman admitted to experiencing stress eating herself on occasion. How many of us can relate to that?! ‘Armed’ (so to speak) with this additional information, this woman felt inspired in ways she could assist both Lassie and herself to feel calm, safe, and secure.

Unusual, Excessive Cuddling

The other inquiry came from a retired, single woman who asked, ‘Why are 3 of my 4 dogs acting so needy now?’ Her 3 dogs were insistently cuddling next to her on the couch, when that wasn’t their typical behavior.

The dogs told in me in one chorus from each of their voices, that their person was feeling lonely, and they wanted to help meet her need by providing extra comfort and attention. The woman knowingly said, ‘Ahhh, I understand this. That makes sense.’

If you would like to understand the reason why behind your pet’s perplexing behavior, I’m happy to ask your pet and to share their perspective with you. This can help you connect deeply with your pet’s thoughts, behaviors, energy, and emotions. It can help you make sense of and adjust your pet’s troubling behavior.

During holiday time, or given the past two year’s emotional challenges, some of us may feel an ache in our heart from a lack of an authentic or deeper connection with another person. Even though our pets may attempt to soothe us, we may still need to do some inner heart homework.

Here’s an activation to assist you in feeling connected within.

Refreshing Your Heart Connection

  • Place your hand on your heart.
  • Merge your awareness into your heart and notice how your heart feels.
  • Is there any feeling of sadness, grieving, or a dull, aching feeling of loneliness? If so, acknowledge it. Let the message be heard and felt. Be like a superhero whose super power is to generate healing by crying.
  • Breathe into your heart and allow any energies to spill out that feel like they are blocking the greater light and loving sensations your heart is capable of resonating with. Stay with this releasing for as long as you need.
  • As the energies spill out, imagine dropping them into the Earth, or ask an angelic or spiritual helper to transmute them into the frequency of love.
  • Set your intention to connect with loving, supportive, nurturing energies.
  • Keep your holy breath flowing in and out, exhaling what you no longer need, while inhaling refreshing, compassionate energies always available to you.
  • Notice an inner consciousness shift taking place in your heart, even perhaps as you read this. Feeling a deeper connection within your Self, where love, peace, and joy abides.

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