Sunrise in Hendersonville, NC


Quietude Meditation

Have you visited the place, the feeling inside of you, that restores peacefulness? If you haven’t, or perhaps it’s been a while since your last visit, the meditation I am offering gifts you with an opportunity to visit quietude.


In the early weeks of December, during the wee hours of the morning, my meditations included a beautiful swirl of blue and white light, cascading through me, with an encouraging message. The encouraging message is that I am releasing what no longer serves me, as I continue opening to a greater capacity of incoming light.

This light is also available to you, to serve you as needed.

This light holds my truth. This light assures me that I am safe to be in my body, at this time, on the Earth. This light fills me with gentleness, softness, and self-compassion. It reminds me to receive compassion as easily as I offer it to clients, family, friends, and people who I encounter during my day.

What loving reminders are waiting for you in the quietude of this light?

Connecting to the Light within

With light coming in more potently now, you may want to gift yourself with a gentle practice of settling into the present moment. When you do, the light avails itself to your consciousness, supporting inner harmony and peacefulness. All else evaporates such as the chaos in the world, in your relationships, in communities, and in holiday hustle and bustle. You can restore clarity, vitality, and ease-fully prioritize what you value.

To experience exquisite quietude within, you’ll step into the feminine aspect of your energy. The masculine aspect carries your mental thinking and physical ‘doing,’ while the feminine aspect carries your pure ‘being’ aspect, emotional capacities, and intuitive awareness. The state of ‘being’ requires nothing from you, simply breathe and be.

When you connect to your light within, you automatically know what serves your highest good with health choices, relationships, jobs, recreational activities, and financial decisions. According to higher dimensional beings, we look like pulses and sparks of light going about our days. I love contemplating this image. Is it possible to ramp up our light and really give them an illuminating show, worthy of our human species?


When you consciously choose to settle into the present moment, your thoughts and emotions settle too. Imagine your thoughts and emotions like feathers, haphazardly scattering around. When the wind ceases, the feathers, your thoughts and emotions, find stillness and peace within the ground of your being.

All The Good

There’s a song by Jana Stanfield titled ‘All the Good’ with lyrics that resonate in my heart.

I cannot do

all the good

that the world needs,

but the world

needs all the good

that I can do.’

When you tap into your inner light, your goodness naturally and effortlessly emerges. May you feel into all the goodness that you are. May the outworn aspects of you gently melt away like raindrops or snowflakes. May your radiance emerge forth like a quiet sunrise. May you feel hopeful, peaceful, and joyful. May you see all the goodness in people, nature, and life, and then ‘Do all the good that you can do.’

 You know to do good is to just be kind, just be patient, just friendly, just loving, to others! These are the fruits of the spirit, and they bear their fruit in the hearts and the minds and in the souls of those you give such to.”                    ~Edgar Cayce ECRL 705-1

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