Intuition, Your Divine Guidance

Do you squeeze your tube of toothpaste from the middle, or are you like my Dad who folded the tube neatly from the bottom up? Either way, the task requires some kind of pressure, right? Why am I talking about toothpaste and pressure? I was given this as a metaphor to make a point.

There are worldly pressures building which are causing you to make the choices you make, on how you want to feel, what you want to put in your body, whether you stay in a job or relocate, whether you maintain certain relationships.

If you look at this pressure as a gift, it can serve as a way to focus on being true to your self. This pressure can help you realize when you are slipping into anxiety or fear, and then you can make a prudent course correction, and step into your heart of compassion. My encouragement to you is to trust your intuition, your soul’s Divine Guidance. You can’t get any better guidance than that!

Intuition and Transformation

Intuition is the interface between your soul, the larger, infinite part of you, and your Earthly self. As you become more energetically aware, intuition becomes your resonance messenger.  

Your intuition offers Divine Guidance, and may not conform to man-made directives. This is the proving ground you currently stand on. You are being squeezed into listening to your inner truth and evaluating whether you resonate with external messages, or not.

Divine Guidance, propelled by love as its fuel, will lead you into new territories, new ways of being, new ways of behaving and directing you into I-didn’t-know-I-was-ready-for-that, spiritual transformation. Oh no, not that, you cry!

Yep, transformation. You can boldly go into a conscious reset, or be hit over the head with a crises to re-evaluate your life choices, what you value, and who you are being true to.

The Transformation Process

During the transformation process, there are 3 basic steps.

  1. The Struggle or Suffering (suffering simply means ‘to undergo.’)
  2. The Discomfort or Pain
  3. The Breakthrough

On the other side of the breakthrough, a newer version of you emerges, more courageous, compassionate, and wise. If you don’t happen to collect each of those attributes on the first time, or even four hundredth time that you move through the transformation process, you’ll still have numerous opportunities!

You’ll know you received your graduation diploma when you authentically feel unphased by situations or people who used to trigger you into feeling anger, sadness or anxiety. And, if you do still feel an emotional charge, this is good! This is a signal that there’s something to be healed. Then, you can experience authentic peacefulness, which awaits you on the other side of the breakthrough.

If you are feeling squeezed and pressured by circumstances these days, consider it a gift. What!? Yep, a gift. If you are feeling pressured to make a decision, consider consulting with your Soul, your divinely guided, unconditionally loving messenger.

Consulting With Your Intuition

Here’s a reminder on how to consult with your intuition.

  • Phrase your situation into a question that your intuition can respond to. For instance, ‘Is it in my highest good to ‘(insert your circumstance)?’
  • Close your eyes and go within.
  • Does ‘this circumstance’ feel like it resonates with you? Is it comfortable like the sensation of a soft robe? Is it life affirming, and you feel it is easy to breathe? Is it lovingly supportive, like a firm, heart hug? Is it an expanding and open feeling? If so, moving into ‘this circumstance’ indicates a big ‘yes.’
  • If instead, you feel into ‘this circumstance,’ and it does not resonate with you, it may feel uncomfortable like the sensation of a scratchy, wool sweater. Is it life-suppressing? Do you feel like you can’t breathe? Is it a contracting and closing in kind of feeling? These impressions indicate a big ‘no.’
  • Now you can peacefully and confidently make your choice. Your soul and the universe will support you as you ask for the help you need to shift a thought, an emotion or take an action.

With all that is unfolding in your life and in the world, you may be feeling like a lobster placed in a pot of water, and now the water is heating up. The good news is that you’re not a lobster. You are not a helpless victim of your circumstances! You can be aware of the hot water you’re in, yet generate positive, affirming thoughts. You can create new scenarios, in baby steps or big strides, by trusting your choices as you consult with Divine Guidance.


Here’s additional inspiration from an oracle card I selected as a theme for this blog. It comes from the Mystical Wisdom deck by Gaye Guthrie.

Resilience encourages you to endure and withstand stress and recover quickly from life changes, misdeeds, or a bad ordeal. This is also about facing life’s adversities with courage and patience in such a way that you come through it unscathed, better, and stronger for the experience. It also means the recovery from an illness or being rejected by a loved one. This takes compassion, determination and strength that will not be defeated. The resilience of the human spirit and the validity of love motivates us to rise above our tribulations and fly again. Accept your reality in a positive light and make it good.

Mantra: I have the strength to quickly rise above my problems.

Audio Activation

Here’s an audio activation to help you go within, connect with your intuition, and receive Divine Guidance.


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