Keep or throw away

Purge, Merge, & Recalculate


Within the past few weeks, I felt an accumulation of energies within me that I knew would be essential for me to purge. When we purge old stories stored in our mental body, trapped emotions, or past life patterns surfacing in present day scenarios, we create more space for something new and even more beneficial to enter.


Oftentimes when life just seems to be too much, too confusing, painful, sad, lonely, or frustrating, it may indicate there’s a new version of you preparing to brilliantly emerge while the old version is ready to be purged.

When purging worn out thought patterns or emotions, the upside is a simultaneous merging with higher vibration energies. Our entire being recalibrates. It’s like when a GPS device announces when we’ve missed the turn we were supposed to take and recalculates with recommended directions to get us back on track. Like the GPS, our soul and spiritual senses, are always offering guidance to keep us moving along our desired route of love.  

A Download Experience

During my spiritual practice one morning, I received a beautiful download of light and assurance. It began as usual, by receiving a stream of white light from above my head, down through my body. As this light flowed through me, I then brought Earth energy up through my body. As I performed my personal energy hygiene routine, I ‘saw’ areas of congestion in my auric field, and set a conscious intention to acknowledge and clear whatever was interfering with the flow of life force through me.

After the clearings, I watched as additional light frequencies streamed in. A beautiful violet light and rose light filtered in and merged. I then felt the presence of the Blessed Mother Mary and heard, ‘All is well.’ I felt a comforting wave of peace and calm settle within me.



Later in the week, I was instructed to allow this light to flow more fully into the space within my heart. I was to recognize this light as that of receiving more self-compassion and grace. I saw a column of light, and I stepped into it and merged with it. If you imagine the sensation of gently landing in a soft, fluffy, warm blanket, that is what this felt like inside my heart. I later learned that the combination of violet light and rose light resonate to the frequency of grace.


From my back yard.

The Butterfly

As I felt this download concluding, I expressed my gratitude and appreciation for this gentle, spiritual transformation. An image of a butterfly appeared in my mind’s eye. Butterflies fill me with wonder and delight. Their colors are beautiful and wings so delicate. They seem to live off the sweetness of life, from the nectar of flowers they visit. Isn’t life more wonderful when we, too, can live from the sweetness of life through love?

Did you know the butterfly serves as a symbol of the soul? Its gentle presence reminds you that you are a soul with spiritual senses that are longing to be acknowledged. One of your spiritual senses is your intuition.

Intuition, A Lovable Teacher

Intuition may be defined as inner knowing or inner teacher. Who was your favorite teacher in school? Mine was Mrs. McDonald from second grade. She was always smiling, happy, funny, kind, and affectionate. Perhaps if you think of your intuition as a caring, lovable teacher, you’ll trust it more when your soul sends you a message, just like the GPS sends, suggesting you recalculate. Most intuitive messages do not arrive as loudly as the GPS announces. Messages from your soul often arrive like a butterfly, wispy, quiet, and beautiful. Your intuitive messages can become just as obvious to you once you choose to pay attention to them, listen to them and trust them.

If you are feeling like I was, a bit congested with a desire to purge, merge and recalculate, there’s no better time than the present! Perhaps hearing some caring reminders from your soul could be just the ticket. I can assist you with spiritually inspired, sweet messages to help you feel grounded as you continue to walk your path here on the Earth, while continuing to open to greater capacities of receiving compassion, grace, and love within your heart. You can schedule with me by clicking schedule an appointment or call 828-685-3231.

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