Reanimating Your Heart Spark

Wintertime offers quiet repose and inner retreats. Although this sounds desirable, when we actually press our life’s pause button, we may become aware of aspects of us that feel out of sorts.

Many of the sessions I’ve conducted in the past months have assisted people who were feeling overwhelmed, fatigued, or uninspired. If this speaks to you, on my meditation page I’m offering a meditation activation to assist and lift you, reanimating your spark.

How is your heart feeling these days? When you drop into your heart, you may discover pockets of grief. This heart spark meditation gently guides you into dissolving those pockets, while opening space for an influx of light encoded energy. This energy soothes your heart while it amplifies your creative spark and reanimates your purpose for being here on the Earth.

Our spiritual calling at this time is to let our curious, inner child lead the way into new projects, dreams, and relationships, through a healed and happy heart.

During the past two years, the collective consciousness of humanity has been moving through layers of fears, losses, sadness, and grief. Perhaps you’ve encountered your own personal losses as well.

If you’re feeling a bit lackluster and would like to infuse restorative light into your heart, let’s talk. With authentic encouragement, you can reclaim your passion, creativity, and trusted soul guidance.

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