How Do I Know When It’s Time?

Assisting a pet to transition home to spirit is a tender decision. I’ve needed to make this heart-rending decision through the years, and I want to offer you some solace.

During end-of-life scenarios, pets have conveyed poignant messages to their persons about being ready to transition. My intuition has shown me various physical signs, for example, the pet is not eating, not being able to stand, throwing up, panting, pacing, whining a lot, or losing a substantial amount of weight. There can be intuitive signs too.


Intuitive Signs When a Pet Is Ready

One of the signs I’m shown, when a pet is ready for her or his transition, is a family member or friend who’s in spirit will show up. With a health compromised pet, I often see this person in spirit appear near the pet. When this family member or friend appears, it indicates she or he has agreed to serve as a greeter for when the pet transitions, whether that person knew the pet on the earth in physical form or not.

In my intuitive vision, if the loved one appears in the background a noticeable distance away from the pet, this indicates that the person in spirit will be present during the pet’s transition, but it’s not time just yet. However, if the loved one appears to be near the pet, this indicates that the transition time is sooner than later, and the pet is ready to release from her or his physical body.

When I share with the client the presence of their loved one, the client often acknowledges that she or he has requested, through a thought or prayer, for a specific loved one to be present. Our conversation about the presence of their loved one validates assistance from spirit and offers the client assurance, comfort, and peacefulness.


Meeting The Guardian

The first time I connected with a pet in spirit, many years ago, I saw a large, beautiful being of light radiating with white light that pulsed with an iridescent glow. When I asked, “Who are you?” I heard the name, the Guardian. Since then, I often see this being of light serving as a bridging presence welcoming home the pet’s soul.


Transmuting Fear

When making decisions about a pet, we may find ourselves mired in fear and mental confusion. We may resist moving through uncomfortable feelings of sadness and grief, assisting too soon or too late, giving too much medicine or not enough, not doing the right thing, or getting resistance from a family member that creates self-doubt even though you know it’s time.

If fearfulness becomes a part of your experience, here’s a visualization that may lift uncertainty and confusion, and instead, restores courage, trust, and compassion.

  • Take a deep breath in and exhale out completely.
  • Set an intention to release all fears and excess thinking about your pet.
  • Begin to identify each of the fears related to your situation. Take your time here. Be honest with what you’re feeling.
  • Then, one by one, imagine placing each fear into a basket. Maybe give each fear a color.
  • When you feel complete, imagine placing a lid on the basket, and then, call upon your angels, guides, ascended masters, and light beings to come and take the basket from you, setting you free from all of your fears. Your helpers will remove the basket from your energy field and leave you immersed in a state of heart-centered compassion and courage.
  • Acknowledge their service with gratitude.
  • Allow loving energies to pour into you, into the places of your body, mind, and emotions where these fears were creating energetic blockages preventing the flow of love and clarity.
  • Let the incoming energy reignite your connection with your intuition and personal truth. You’re now prepared to receive a response when you ask your intuition, or your pet, “Is it time to assist?”
  • Trust the response you receive and trust that the universe/God/Source will send the people and resources to guide you through such a tender time.


I would be honored to create sacred space together with you and your pet if you’re struggling with uncertainty. My intention is to provide your pet with comforting assurance and to provide you with helpful insight that restores peacefulness within your heart and mind.

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