Replacing Our Filters

On April 1, I experienced a transformational vision during my morning meditation. I watched an influx of light coming into the planet, stirring up turbulence and density at individual and collective consciousness levels.



When I use the term density, I’m referring to our fears, embedded emotions, old ways of thinking or perceiving, and choices of action. To help you envision the concept of density at an individual level, think about the cartoon Charlie Brown and, specifically, the character Pig Pen with swirling residue surrounding him.

In the vision, I’m shown a stack of five interpenetrating, energetic filters that appear similar to furnace filters, each representing a different dimension of consciousness—physical, etheric (the energetic double of the physical), emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The filter that represents the physical dimension appears dense and vibrating slowly. The filters that represent the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of consciousness appear lighter, vibrating more rapidly. Additionally, within each dimension of consciousness, there’s also a spectrum of vibrations or octaves.


Fresh, New Filters

A master guide appeared in my energy field and gently removed my stack of filters and replaced them with another set. I offered gratitude and appreciation to the guide, to my higher self, and to God for the replacements.

Afterwards, light energy came into me from above the top of my head felt like when I step out of my front door onto my front porch on a warm, sunny day. I feel bathed in the welcoming light as I absorb it into my whole being.  The energy felt soothing, gentle, with a sensation of almost giddiness. The funnel of light came down into the base of my body and then spread out, lighting me up from the inside out.

I realized the incoming light was the light of my higher self that is becoming more embodied, more easily able to resonate within and through me.

I’m sharing this because you may experience something similar or may have something similar happen in the future.


Our Essential Nature is Love

Our essential, spiritual nature is love. However, for various reasons, our filters are heavy with debris and need to be changed out so we can receive and integrate more love, kindness, peacefulness, and joy.

In the days after my vision experience, I’ve felt subtle shifts in my thinking, feeling, and relating. For instance, an uncomfortable behavior pattern surfaced, and I moved through discord within a relationship. Knowing relationships serve as a mirror, I became aware of something I was ready to resolve within myself and, consequently, experienced a quick transformation. A deeper feeling of love and trust now remains within me.



Many of us are experiencing these energetic filter replacements occurring at varying levels of consciousness. We’re awakening to new thoughts and expanded awareness, fostering ways of connecting regardless of differing perspectives, opinions, and values. We’re focusing on the heart, letting stuck and uncomfortable emotions be felt and freely released along with old beliefs and stories that no longer serve us.

Growing numbers of people are having immediate, clear intuitive knowing and are choosing to trust it. By trusting intuition, we establish personal sovereignty and the ability to follow our truth, integrity, and creativity.

We’re invited to own and feel at peace within our life.


If you’re feeling discomfort or having unfamiliar spiritual experiences as you move through this accelerated shift into higher states of consciousness, I’m grateful to assist you. I’m honored to offer uplifting reminders from your soul through intuitive insights while nurturing your growth, courage, and perseverance.

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