Unexpected Spiritual Intervention

Spiritual intervention occurs in our lives when we need it most, often in unexpected ways. One of the ways is during dream time. I had a dream that served as an uplifting healing regarding the continuity of life.
There are many world events unfolding that are generating chaos, fear, and sadness. For those of us walking the spiritual path, we sometimes need to dig a little deeper to feel centered and connected in our hearts. In spite of tragedies and loss, we faithfully trust in Divine Order. If we wobble sometimes, spiritual intervention is always available offering loving support.


I needed to dig deeper when I heard about the Tree of Life Synagogue incident in Pittsburgh PA on October 27, 2018. A curtain of sadness came over me that I simply needed to be present with. I heard the news on a Monday evening. Then I had an unexpected spiritual intervention.
Sometime during the night, I was transported during dream time, to an incredibly beautiful place. I know with soul certainty that I met with the people who transitioned from the synagogue that day. I realized afterward that my Soul Self needed to remind to my Earthly Self that those beautiful people, who left loved ones in such an abrupt and heartbreaking way, are assuredly in a place where there is a peace that surpasses understanding.

My Dream

In my dream, I find myself in a scene where there is a beautiful, shallow stream of water which appears more like flowing light. It feels warm, gentle, supportive and comforting. People are sitting and standing in this stream and on the land near the stream. I am sitting in the stream with them. I know with certainty these people are the ones who transitioned from the synagogue.
Everyone is calm, peacefully connecting and reuniting with one another. Within this realm of higher vibration is an iridescent illumination. Imagine a light that is clear and bright yet doesn’t hurt your eyes.  
When I awoke, my heavy-hearted sadness had lifted completely. I was left with a genuine feeling of light-heartedness. Admittedly, when I relayed this dream to my husband I had tears while releasing the emotion, yet simultaneously feeling a deep peacefulness.

 Emotions As Catalysts For Growth

In our Earthly walk, we are here to overcome doubt, fear, anger, sadness, and grief. As painful as these emotional frequencies can be, they can serve as a catalyst for us to grow, to seek more light and compassion for our self and for others. We are here to raise our vibration. We are here to feel truly grateful and joyful, to know that all is in Divine Order.
On this Thanksgiving holiday, remember that gratitude is one of the easiest and quickest ways we can raise our vibration, in spite of whatever may be occurring in our life or in the world. I invite you, in this present moment, to recall at least one thing that you are grateful for, just for today. . . Given my dream experience and as I reflect on my spiritual walk, here are three things for which I am truly grateful:
 — My connection to Source.
 — Spiritual wisdom and support welcomed and received in unexpected ways.
 — A heart and soul certainty and comfort that our consciousness exists after physical death, in realms of illumination and peace.

Renee Takacs specializes in intuitive communication for people and pets. As an Animal Communicator, she helps you to understand the reasons behind your pet’s behavior. As an Intuitive Consultant, she provides clarity and heart healing when you are feeling confused or emotionally stuck. She can be reached at www.intuitguide.com or 828-685-3231.

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