Your Power To Choose

A variety of emotions swirl through your life in any one day, each emotion evokes a feeling. The feeling indicates whether you are listening to the voice of your heart, or to the voice of your head. When these voices clash creating self-doubt and confusion, gently remind yourself, “I have the power to choose.”
You hold the power to choose love and joy, the voice of your heart, over fear and doubt, the voice of your head. Love is like a glass of clear water. Fear is the dirt that falls into the water, which reduces clarity and diminishes your motivation to drink in the vitality of life.
When fear muddies your emotional waters, filtering out the impurities becomes essential for living with vitality and joy. Emotional impurities appear as anger, worry, resentment, guilt or sadness. These impurities exist as unconsciously controlled fears. As you choose to filter out your impurities, trust that a caring Universe will support you throughout your filtering process in surprising and profound ways.
“Joy is a choice–a deliberate, conscious choice. Our joy isn’t controlled by others or by outward circumstances. Joy comes from a deeper place, a place of security within ourselves. It’s an attitude, not a transitory emotion.” ~Melody Beattie, Journey to the Heart, Daily Meditations on the Path to Freeing Your Soul

Love or Fear

Awareness is the first step to change. Are you aware of what you are feeling? Identifying and acknowledging your emotions is the first step toward being heart-centered. A noticeable contrast exists between love-based emotions and fear-based emotions.
Love-based emotions may feel cheerful, grateful or joyful. As a physical sensation, your body may feel open, relaxed and light. Your speaking tone may be buoyant and your movements appear graceful and flowing. This feeling may be imagined as though you are standing inside a rainbow with ribbons of pastel light infusing into your whole being. When you are resonating in love-based emotions people who are around you perceive your energy as feeling pleasant and comfortable.
Fear-based emotions may feel angry, resentful or sad. As a physical sensation, you may feel closed, tense and heavy. Your speaking tone may sound harsh and your movements appear stiff and restricted. This feeling may be imagined like an expelled sneeze that gets mucous on you and everyone around you. When you are resonating in fear-based emotions people who are around you will perceive your energy as feeling unpleasant and uncomfortable.
“As you become spiritual you become heart-centered…becoming heart-centered means choosing to act from loving parts of your personality instead of frightened parts of your personality.
In other words, moving from being unconsciously controlled by fearful emotions to consciously choosing to act on love-based emotions.
Once you can do this, you are in a position to change your life, your future, and your world. ” ~Gary Zucav, The Seat of the Soul

Supporting Your Power to Choose

As you aspire to be heart-centered, remember that you hold the power to choose. Choosing to release unconsciously controlled fears will bring you illuminating discoveries and freedom. Your desire to choose an attitude of joy will set the tone for your life. As always, I am here to provide intuitive guidance and gentle healing. Let’s all raise a toast to drink in the vitality and joy of life!

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