Leaving Your Pets

When life calls, you sometimes have to leave your pets. Your pets may need to stay at home, at a veterinarian clinic or at a kennel, while you answer life’s call. Each pet has its own feelings about your absence. I can help your pets, and you, feel more comfortable through an Extended Absence Session.
When I communicate with your pets they always feel more relaxed after the information is conveyed. Well, almost always! It can be disrupting for any pet when there is a change in routine. It is helpful to reassure them with the specifics of how they will be taken care of during your absence.

An Extended Absence Session

In a recent Extended Absence Session, I spoke with a multi-pet household consisting of 1 dog, 2 cats and a neighborhood Tomcat who mooches daily off of this caring provider. In this two-person household, the people were going on vacation for eight days.
I communicated to their dog, GeriAnn, a 9-year old German Shepherd, that it would stay at a familiar kennel. The two cats, Anna and Sasha, would remain at home and receive twice-a-day visits from a familiar pet sitter. The Tomcat’s schedule for his food would be slightly different, however, it would be available daily. During the communication, I felt each of their reactions and discerned who was comfortable with their arrangements and who was anxious. Then, I singled out each pet and addressed their concerns.
The Tomcat was easy going and knew his needs would continue to be met. He’s a free spirit, ever-ready to go with the flow.
The dog, GerriAnn, was looking forward to seeing her human friends at the kennel. She felt safe and comfortable in general, yet expressed that it would be a little sad and disorienting for her to be away from her people. To alleviate her concerns, an intuitive suggestion came for her to have a familiar blanket or a worn piece of clothing from her people that carried their scent to be placed in her kennel crate. Her person said she’d be happy to provide that. This act of kindness meets a pet’s needs for comfort and can make such a difference in their  ‘home-away-from-home’ experience.
The cats presented opposite feelings about the situation. The 2-year old cat, Anna, carried energy that felt youthful, friendly and rambunctious. She was wide open to the idea of a familiar pet sitter visiting who could add adventure into her life!
The other kitty, Sasha, carried energy that felt introverted and shy. She felt afraid of anyone other than her two people. She showed me running and hiding from the pet sitter. My client said that was typical of Anna. I assured Anna that this was a temporary situation and showed her an image of her people returning. I conveyed to Anna that she would be safe and that she could trust the pet sitter. However I also acknowledged, with a feeling of acceptance, her need to hide if it helped her to feel safe.

Connecting At A Distance

When you have to leave your pets behind, here is a suggestion on how to telepathically connect while you’re gone.
Be aware of your breathing, letting go of busy thoughts as you quietly drop into your heart space. You may find it helpful to place your hand on your heart to feel your loving connection within.
Set your intention to connect with your pet(s), holding an image of them in your mind’s eye or maybe looking at a picture of them on your cell phone.
Imagine that you are sending a silver beam of light from your heart to their heart, connecting the two of you together.
Mentally say ‘their names, then say ‘hello.’ Convey to your pet(s) that you are thinking of them and sending them feelings of love, comfort, and peace.
Then let your pet(s) know you will be coming home in so many days, perhaps by imagining a calendar in your mind and then crossing off the days as you get closer to your return date. Your pet will receive the ‘feeling tone’ of the timeframe and be comforted by your checking in.
We ALL need reassurance from time to time. Our pets become used to routines as much as we do and can be distressed by the change. When we communicate and connect through our hearts and minds, we provide a space of contentment for feeling safe and comfortable for both our pets and our self!   
Renee Takacs specializes in intuitive communication for people and pets. As an Animal Communicator, she helps you to understand the reasons behind your pet’s behavior. As an Intuitive Consultant, she provides clarity and heart healing when you are feeling confused or emotionally stuck. She can be reached at www.intuitguide.com or 828-685-3231.


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