‘Tis the Season to Raise Our Love Vibe

A friend and I were talking on the phone about our holiday activities and catching up on our lives. We both commented there are less Christmas cards to send this year because some of the people on our lists have died, transitioned home to spirit. My friend piped up quickly and said, “We had four people drop from our list. That just means we’ll add four more.” Her rolling enthusiasm looking at the bright side of life is ever inspiring. This is one of the many reasons we’re friends—I love our shared spirit of enthusiasm and optimism.

According to intuitives who can read cosmic themes, there’s an abundance of light flooding planet earth during December. I’ve been feeling this enhanced energy in my heart, mind, and body. This incoming light amps up feelings of love inviting a softer, gentler embrace within us. Busy thoughts and occasional fears quiet, lessen, and dissolve replaced with calm assurance. This calm assurance provides a secure grounding sensation in our body, connecting us to nurturing and nourishing earth energy. The physical body may require more rest as cells purge lower vibrational energies in order to make room for incoming, higher vibrational light—to be applied in beneficial ways as yet unknown.

 Vibe Raising Suggestion

Here’s one suggestion to raise our love vibe—practice acknowledging what we love throughout each day during the month of December.

As we acknowledge what we love, our energy field resonates with love, and we open to receive even more love. This influx of light also enhances our subtle senses and intuitive abilities, granting easy access to divine wisdom, guidance, and personal truth. From this platform, we can make confidence decisions and take appropriate actions.

Here are some personal examples that acknowledge what I love:

I love that I have a computer and phone that keeps me connected to people and helpful information.

I love the beauty of nature when I look out of my window and then step outside to smell the fresh air and feel the beaming rays of sunshine on my face.

I love my comfortable shoes that warm and protect my feet.

I love my first sips of hot tea after I wake up in the morning.

I love my ability to muscle test using kinesiology to discern how to protect myself by knowing what is safe and healthy for me from what is not safe and is harmful.

I love seeing the smile on Tom’s face, my husband, each morning. I love our ritual of drinking a small portion of lemon water and toasting to one another to our health, wealth, vitality, longevity, joy, and happiness.

I love letting our indoor-outdoor cat, Kitty Q, in and out of the house. It’s a joy to see his fluffy, gray-fur body, hear his little paws pitter patter across the floor, and listen to him eat his crunchy food and lick up his moist food.

I love when Kitty Q curls up on a blanket in my lap in the evening, kneads the blanket, and purrs while I pet him.

You get the idea. I hope you’ll consider bringing some heart-warming, love-vibing sparkle into your life this month by acknowledging, consciously throughout the day, what you love.

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