A Sensitive Horse’s Anxiety

Animals convey all kinds of information during a session. First, I address the questions that the person has about their animal. Then, the animal shares even more information, like the communication I had with Hoke and his person Michelle.

We were nearing the end of his session when I asked Hoke if there was anything else he wanted to share. He told me about feeling anxious when hearing a noise outside the barn near his stall. It sounded like metal clinking, and I saw the image of a downspout.

I also smelled a toxic rubber smell in his stall that was contributing to his weeping eye. Michelle said his feeder was a hard rubber, and she also had noticed an odd smell.

Michelle visited the barn that afternoon and sent me confirmations in an email, along with some beautiful pictures of Hoke and the broken downspout!

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful and helpful reading yesterday. I came to the barn, today, to see Hoke and try to discern where the broken metal sound could be coming from. You mentioned it would be on the right side, if I was walking down the barn. I found it right away.

Indeed, if was walking down the alleyway, the broken down-spout is on the right, on the outside of the barn. Or, if coming out of the middle entryway, outside, and back toward Hoke’s stall, it is on the right.
The brackets are not holding the downspout at all, and there is a brick holding it in place as a temporary fix.

This must have been what made all of the racket Hoke described to you.  I can imagine it made quite a clatter.  We get some very windy storms with heavy rain. I have every faith the barn owner is going to have it fixed asap, and the brick is only temporary. It’s such a wonderful barn to board Hoke at, and they take great care of my boy.

Also, as of yesterday I moved the rubber feeder to the opposite side of his stall until a new feeder is delivered. It is not near his hay nor water, and it is in a better ventilated location. I can already see a difference in his eye discharge, and he seems much more comfortable. I have faith it will only improve with the new feeder.

Thanks a million for letting me know his concerns, and I will follow up with the barn owner anyhow about the down-spout. Your gift blows my mind. I’m so grateful you share it with the world and cannot thank you enough!

In Gratitude, Michelle and Hoke

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