Restoring a Breach of Trust


Have you ever had to give medicine to your pet? Was it a stressful battle, or did you receive welcomed cooperation? If it was more of a battle, would you like an effective solution for restoring any breach of trust in your well-meaning care?

A dear client, Tom, asked me for help with his Persian cat, Hunny Bunny. For many years, he had to administer pills to her, and she willingly cooperated. However, after a necessary surgical procedure, she was prescribed antibiotic pills.

When Tom administered the first antibiotic pill, poor Hunny Bunny foamed at the mouth and drooled. It obviously tasted awful. Some time later, Tom attempted to administer the next antibiotic pill, and Hunny Bunny would have nothing to do with it, nor was she now willing to take her regular pills. She was running and hiding in a back room of the house.

From Standoff to Connection

Tom felt distraught, sad and frustrated. Normally Hunny Bunny would be in the same room of the house wherever he was, and often jumped onto his lap for lovin time together. Days were passing with this standoff, and Tom needed to communicate with Hunny Bunny about her need for the pills and needed to regain her trust somehow.

While I engaged in a telepathic dialogue with Hunny Bunny, an intuitive message filtered in. The message asked Tom to consider saying the Ho’oponopono prayer. This prayer carries a powerful frequency of forgiveness, between you and another, as well as forgiveness within yourself. Sometimes we need to practice forgiveness within our self to release self-judgment, guilt and allow the high frequency of compassion to bring healing. This prayer is originally from a shamanic practice in Hawaii.

The Ho’oponopono prayer contains 4 simple sentences:

  1. I’m sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. Thank you.
  4. I love you.

Tom carried out this intuitive suggestion and emailed me with his mixed results.

“Some great news and some disappointing. After our session I went upstairs where Hunny Bunny was hiding out, and lying on the floor with her and looking at her, I recited the Ho’oponopono prayer.  She reacted with nonchalance.  An hour later I did that again and she acted more accepting. Another hour and she started purring and acted quite friendly.  Around 5 P.M. as I was calling her veterinarian she came down stairs, walked over to my chair and hopped up in my lap while purring. So, I really felt forgiven. I was arranging for her remaining antibiotic doses to be given by injection and for the prednisone by application in the ear. That left her small thyroid pill to still be administered orally. On trying to administer that this evening, I talked to her about it asking for her cooperation.  But when I administered the little pill she reacted violently like she did before, just not going to take it and actually vomited, and I had to administer a second one. So, time will tell if I’ve been forgiven; still using the prayer. Blessings to you and thank you for that powerful prayer.

Fond regards, Tom

The Real Hunny Bunny.


Although the pill battle may be ongoing, at least for a moment, a reprieve had been reached and trust restored. Whether you use this prayer in your relationship with your pet, or in any relationship such as your relationship with yourself or with another, it works to transmute fear based thoughts and emotions, and to restore thoughts and emotions to their unified place of love and compassion.

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