You Know More Than You Think

During an animal communication session, I’ll hear you say, ‘I had a feeling that was what was going on.’ Bingo! I love when that happens. I get to confirm for you what you already know is going on with your beloved pet. You usually know when there is a physical imbalance, or if your pet seems emotionally off. You know if their medicine is working or not. As emotionally sad as it is, you usually know when your pet is getting ready to leave this Earth plane. I encourage you to trust yourself, given the awareness that speaks from your heart and intuition, when it comes to your pet’s well being. 

I’m sharing a few comments that your pets have conveyed to me, that may help you trust your own knowing more. I also offer just a few suggestions that may help meet your pet’s basic needs.

I Don’t Like My Food

When your pet stops eating their food, is experiencing diarrhea, or constipation, please look first to their food. It can be disappointing to discover even the expensive food you are buying for them could be contaminated in some way.  Please keep this in mind with treats as well. There are healthy treats on the market, yet unfortunately, there are many that are not. I’ve learned that even organic treats may be contaminated with fungus. Ask your intuition, ‘Is this food or treat safe for my pet?’ If you get an intuitive feeling in your own belly of a contraction, icky feeling of nausea, or have a memory surface of a time when you got sick at your stomach, the food or treat is likely unsafe and unhealthy for your pet.

I Feel Afraid

A pet can hold trapped emotions, just like people do. Acknowledging the pet’s emotions can help facilitate a shift for them, yet sometimes the pet may need more support. Here are a few basic suggestions along with a few remedies that people have confirmed worked for their pet.

Behavioral training provides guidance and education for the pet, and for you as well, building trust and confidence.  

Rescue Remedy by Bach Flower Essences,, can help with general anxiety, to be used as needed.

Anxiety by Green Hope Farms, or any one of their 22 remedies in their Animal Wellness Collection,

Nux Vomica, a homeopathic remedy, if your dog experiences car sickness.

Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a tapping technique that people are doing for themselves, yet you can also do it with the intention to serve as a surrogate for your pet. The intention is to help your pet release trapped emotions. Here’s just one of many Youtubes that demonstrate the basic technique. This one is from Jessica Ortner

I’m Ready to Go

As sad as it may be, you often know when it is time for your pet to transition. Your pet knows as well. Many people ask their pet for a ‘clear sign’ to indicate when they are ready to release from their earthly body.

There are times when I’ve asked a client’s pet, whose health is declining, for a sign when they are ready to leave. On occasion a pet has said, ‘when I stop eating,’ or ‘when I can’t stand on my own any longer.’ As challenging as it is, it is equally important that you are willing to let them go. A pet will cling to life, while experiencing great pain, to stay in their body for you.

We often get caught in the trap of the mind, trying to think our way through the realm of ‘this or that,’ thinking our way through a decision. Perhaps a better option is to shift out of our head and drop into our heart where the confusion of ‘this or that’ dissolves. When centered in the heart, perceiving through the lens of love, confusion dissolves. Please trust that you know more than you think, when moving forward with decisions made from the heart.

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