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An Unexpected Friend


An Unexpected Friend

I met a new friend when I wasn’t expecting to, but isn’t that how it happens?

We were introduced at the Gem and Mineral Show in Franklin, NC in May. This friend had lived in the Himalayan mountains at an elevation of 8,000 feet and is a teacher. This friend carries an unquestioning ability to emanate stillness and balance and we’ve remained in touch.

In case you’re wondering, this unexpected friend just happens to be a stone. What?! She talks to animals and now stones! Yep, it came as a surprise to me too! The name of this stone is a Himalayan Shamanic Quartz Crystal.

Consciousness and Frequency

As you know, everything is energy and carries a consciousness. As we keep expanding our consciousness, connecting with any object, and getting a message, is possible. Some sensitive people purposefully connect with an object to tap into the story of a particular place or person, and the technique is called psychometry.

At the Gem and Mineral Show, there are hundreds of vendors, some are inside a huge building, and some are outside in tents. As I meandered through one of the tents, a Tibetan vendor approached me and asked me to hold one of the Himalayan Crystals he was selling. I immediately got goosebumps, which I refer to as my chills of truth. He handed me two more, and with each crystal I felt a profound, deep stillness within me and a balancing of my energy field in alignment with my physical body. Almost indescribable.

Not Yet

These stones were pricey though, and my intuition told me to wait, do not purchase now. My ego self wanted to grasp onto this experience, yet I trusted my Higher Self, so I stepped away from the vendor’s tent. I thanked the vendor, and we exchanged a Namasté gesture.

Walking away I heard a voice and knew it was the crystal! It said, ‘Now you know I exist. Call on me as needed, and I will be with you. You are now familiar with me, as I am a frequency. Now that we have met, when you think of me, I am with you.’

To assist you in having a similar experience like I did with the crystal, here is a ‘consciousness tool’ you may want to add to your ‘consciousness toolbox’ to use as needed. This eliminates, or at least decreases, the noise in your head, removes everyone but you, and naturally creates and fortifies your individual energy field boundary, so this is helpful, perhaps necessary, for empaths to practice!

Quieting Technique

This technique steps you into experiencing ‘presence’ within. For pet lovers, stepping into your ‘presence’ allows your pet to relax too. When ceaseless broadcasting of thoughts and emotions is interrupted, you experience the essence of who you are.   

  • Place your awareness directly between your 2 ears, within the middle of your head.
  • Allow a point of light to form here.
  • Pull in a color frequency that naturally comes to you.
  • Allow that color to fill up the entire space in your head.
  • If you discover anyone else in this space, kindly kick them out. This is YOUR SACRED SPACE, and no one else is meant to be in there except for you. Remove any person, social media and especially any connection to the chatter of the collective consciousness of humanity.
  • Notice how your mind feels, becoming silent and still.
  • Allow this color to infuse throughout your whole body, washing into every cell. Feel, sense, know or see this color flowing beyond your physical body into your energy field, about 3 feet beyond your physical body.
  • Notice how your body feels.

Connections and Purposes

It’s always lovely to meet a new friend to share a portion of life’s journey. Relationships come into our lives for one of three purposes:

  1. a reason.
  2. a season.
  3. a lifetime.

This truth speaks of the impermanence of life, nature, people, and relationships.

We all share the common experience of letting go, transformation, and releasing what our egos want to hold on to. However, the soul’s experience is eternal and does not need to maintain, or contain, any one thing.

Every interaction, relationship, situation, or circumstance is set into motion by one, or a combination of, 3 things:

    1. Karmic Balancing, your Soul seeking to resolve something.
    2. Lesson or Learning set up by your Soul.
    3. Service to Uplift Humanity, or to Support the Earth like a Mid-wife to the Planet.


This crystal frequency entered my life for now as a teacher, and who knows for how long? I’m grateful for the introduction.

May we each continue to trust in our expanding consciousness, remaining open to new experiences, and meeting unexpected friends who lead us to delightful discoveries!

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