Reflections on the Work You Did

In 2020, humanity was catapulted, thrown forward with great force and speed, into unexpected, uncomfortable and fearful situations. The emerging circumstances like the pandemic, our elections, and natural weather upheavals all served to activate growing pains for us all.

It isn’t surprising that the overall theme during intuitive sessions was addressing chaos, in whatever ways it was upending your life.

Many of you courageously did your shadow work, inner child work and persevered through stuck emotions, mental discord and understanding soul contracts. Much of the work focused on receiving steadfast assurances from your Higher Self and supporting guides. Thank you to ALL who stepped forward from Spirit and Higher Dimensional Realms for your loving, dedicated and consistent support!

Some of you visited with loved ones in spirit during sessions, which provided much appreciated comfort and healing. There were many souls who left the Earth this year, whether it was from Covid-19 or other reasons. Because we are infinite souls, the souls who have departed will now lovingly assist us from the Spiritual Realms. Remember that energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed.

Working With The Lower 3 Chakras

For many people the lower 3 chakras required attention. When the root chakra contracted because ‘we were not feeling safe,’ we lacked access to feeling connected to the Earth and felt ungrounded, anxious and scattered. Many people probably still have this root chakra contracted or may be toggling between feeling a little safer one moment and not so much the next.

The 2nd sacral chakra is an area connected to our emotional body. This can become congested with our own emotional debris or emotional debris from other people. This area required clearing especially for more empathic people.

The 3rd solar plexus chakra is the seat of discernment, worthiness and significance, the ability to feel confident in who we are and what we have to offer. With so much uncertainty and accelerated change, this required shoring up as well.

The Heart and Healing Grief

As the year moved on, many people experienced sadness and grief which required tender attention. Many people also found it difficult to quiet excess thinking. These two experiences of feeling heavy-hearted and teary-eyed, along with excess thinking can be related, and here’s how.

Based on the mechanics from an energy perspective, humans serve as an energetic bridge between the Earth and Source energy. Source energy streams into us from above the top of our head and travels downward through our central channel. Simultaneously, the Earth sends her energy up through us, providing support, nourishment and stability. Our central channel is the channel of energy in the human body that runs from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

When the energy coming in from above your head meets with any blocking energy in your subtle energy fields, for example a stuck emotion of grief in your heart, then the energy will ping pong back and forth between your heart and head. This will cause a mental merry go round of over thinking. When that happens, the grief lodged in your heart needs to be healed. By releasing the grief, self-compassion becomes accessible and excess thinking subsides.

A Delicate Process

Inner healing work is a delicate process and may require tiptoeing into a vulnerable landscape of hurt and pain. Yet when immersed in a sacred container of unconditional love and non-judgement, the discomfort and tears are temporary, and a clearer path to feeling safe, trusting, easeful, joyful and creative emerge bolder than before.

Intrinsically Interwoven

I’m summarizing wisdom from an astrologer, Liz Woodford, from her December newsletter which spoke a beautiful truth.

When we, as non-physical souls, incarnate into physical form we endure a wounding which serves our soul’s purpose.

We can tend to wounds, but not have them divert us from a task that is larger than our self.

Our wound and purpose are intrinsically interwoven and not working at cross purposes. Suffering can come from wishing this were different.

We give our self a vocation, a calling, which inspires us to rise above adversity. The vulnerability and weakness surrounding our wound comes into perspective. We each are wounded and heroic, vulnerable and courageous.

I am inspired by everyone who persevered through this year as we each experienced being wounded and heroic, vulnerable and courageous. I am grateful to be a witness to so much loving transformation and remain curious and eager to see how we will continue to lean into more heart consciousness shifts in the coming year.

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