Is Anger a Bad Thing?

How are you feeling these days? In recent weeks, my sessions are supporting people grappling with varying degrees of anger, resentment, frustration and feeling overwhelmed. I’ve certainly felt these emotions at times too. I now have more awareness, along with additional energetic tools, to help people transmute these emotions through love.

We are each being encouraged to step into personal growth opportunities. One opportunity presented to me was to become president of our HOA in our small neighborhood of 18 houses.

In the four years I’ve lived here, our neighborhood has moved through cycles of conflict, disruption and transformation. The HOA board is currently addressing a disruptive situation, and a thoughtful, balanced solution is in the works. I watch each member process their initial fear-based and angry reactions eventually shifting into calmer, compassionate attitudes. This process is leading to caring, yet practical suggestions, emerging from open hearts. The upside of the anger calls forth each person’s courage, ability to set boundaries, and the ability to facilitate change and growth.

Because there is a stirring of emotions until the end of November, I’m hoping the insights I’m sharing now will help.

Pause. Take a breath. Re-center into your neutral place of calm poise.

From here, you have a higher likelihood to consciously respond from an open heart. For people with pets, the calmer you feel, the calmer your pet will feel too!

Energetics of Anger

One of the most uncomfortable, and possibly misunderstood emotions, especially within the spiritual community, is anger. Even those of us who work on being self-reflective and self-aware can feel overwhelmed. Anger often covers up more vulnerable feelings such as hopelessness, helplessness, sadness or shame. My gratitude and appreciation for the following information, which I’m paraphrasing, goes to Katie Sutton, a 12th Dimensional Intuitive located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

From an energetic perspective, every emotion carries a frequency. Anger carries a pure frequency. It is just that, a frequency. It is a necessary part of the spectrum of emotions. Just like blue or red light are a part of the light spectrum, they’re just frequencies. There is no judgement when we realize this from a higher perspective. Anger, in its pure form, is very powerful and leads to:

  • Motivating courage.
  • Setting boundaries.
  • Facilitating change & growth.
What happens when you’re triggered into anger?
  • Do you get snarky, loud, argumentative, interruptive, explosive, throw things, blame someone else or write nasty comments in social media?
  • Do you direct your anger inward? Do you beat yourself up, feel shame, guilt, give someone the silent treatment, or hold resentment?
  • Do you self-sabotage with diffused anger through poor diet and lack of exercise?
  • Do you exhibit passive aggressive behavior by turning your anger into a joke? Your emotional energy splats over people and makes them feel uncomfortable.

There is no judgement, shaming or blaming with this awareness, just the ability to be aware and self-reflective. Awareness is the first step to change. Even anger, however it is showing up for you, is serving you. However, would you like to avoid regrets, remorse, shame or even self-condemnation? Becoming aware of your unconscious reactions to anger is a start. Not feeling safe is one of the unconscious reasons for experiencing anger.

Not Feeling Safe

When your unconscious fear of not feeling safe is triggered, there is a tendency to:

  • Throw blame.
  • Project your fear and anger onto the external environment and other people who you attempt to control.

Energetically, as you express your anger at someone else, you are pushing the contents of your own beliefs, and unconscious fears of not feeling safe, into someone else’s energy field.

When you do that, the other person feels very uncomfortable. It is a natural impulse for her or him to push back, and she or he will want to push your energy out of their field.

Conversely, when someone expresses anger at you, it feels uncomfortable. It may trigger your unconscious fears of not feeling safe and you may become angry.

From an energetic perspective, when you respond from anger, you drop your energy, and the other person’s energy comes into you, and then yours into them. A combat zone is established.

Do we really want to keep being at war with one another? Aren’t we all desiring more peace?

Open Heart Response

An open heart response expresses compassion, whereas a fearful response expresses anger. The scenario I’m going to share is meant for self-reflection. This is an example of how someone, with an open heart, would respond to someone who is feeling unsafe, fearful and angry.

The scenario is two people are standing in an aisle at a grocery store. One person is not wearing a mask. The person who is wearing a mask turns to the person not wearing a mask and says angrily, ‘You should be wearing a mask!

If the person not wearing a mask chooses to come from an open heart, the response would be, ‘I can hear you are scared and angry, so I’ll step away from you.’

This response keeps each person’s energy field intact, without engaging in a combat zone.

The Neutral Zone

Left unexamined, anger can be destructive. However, when explored within, it serves to catapult you out of the emotion of fear. The next time you’re feeling the physical sensations of anger, internal heat rising, heart racing, building tension in neck and jaw and rapid shallow breathing, consider taking some deep breaths, practice your grounding tools, and invite your heart to open.

As you desire to enter into an open heart, a neutral consciousness may be your next transitional step. This shift can offer a moment of clarity, and sometimes that’s all it takes to connect with compassion and calm. According to Doc Childre of the Institute of Heartmath,

“Neutral is a state where you are not jumping ahead too quickly or moving too slow. Neutral does not mean being inactive, complacent or passive. It’s about a calm poise that allows for new information and new possibilities to emerge before taking further action. When in neutral you actually increase your sensitivity and intuitive intelligence. Neutral is fertile ground for new possibilities to grow from.”

May new possibilities and peace be with you.



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