A Luminous Perspective

Would you like some INSPIRATION and HOPEFULNESS? One morning during my devotional time I asked my usual question, ‘What is most helpful for me to know just for today?’ The intuitive response I received encouraged me, and perhaps it will encourage you too.

Stay the course. There are many people moving forward, and there are many people who desire and know a more positive change is in the works. Continuing to envision the desired outcome creates new scenarios which lead to improved conditions and patterns.

Like walking across a rope bridge when it wobbles and sways, you may feel a little tenuous about trusting its ability to support you. Know that the rope is strong, the wooden slats on the walkway are secure, you have all the support you need.

Keeping your vision focused forward gives opportunity to create from love. Looking down only disorients and may cause dizziness, confusion and fear. Fear gives birth to anger, blaming and sadness.

Create ever from love as your steady companion. Recognize when judgements create discord. Instead focus on harmony, accord and balance.

Sometime later I conducted an animal communication session for 2 horses. Animals are naturally attuned to the energetic changes taking place at this time. Their person asked an interesting question, ‘Are they aware of what is happening on our planet at this time? If they are, what are they aware of?’

I posed these questions to the horses, and I observed through each horse their perceptions of the energy field of the land around them. I clearly observed an energy field, appearing as luminous light, rising from the ground, approximately 4 feet tall.

This luminous light is a faster vibrating energy that is more available now than ever before. This profound and beautiful light vibration is what animals are sensing. You may be wondering, ‘What does this mean? Is my pet going to levitate?’ Ha ha, no, not that I’m aware of.

A Higher Energy Infusion

This means the awareness I observed through these two horses shows me that although we are all dealing with tremendous change, rest assured there is a higher energy infusion happening. This infusion is supportive and offers an opportunity to raise our consciousness.

This higher vibration shakes things up. It brings to the surface of our conscious awareness the denser aspects within us. These aspects need to be acknowledged and released. This releasing process supports you in stepping more fully into your unique, balanced Self.

This higher vibration energy also offers an ease of access to heart centered feelings and expressions. It is these heart centered energies that ease us into a place of intuitive guidance and balance. Being present with our intuition is where we learn to trust our Self, first and foremost.

Inner Awareness Exercise – When you feel fear, anger or sadness surfacing from within you, hold your hand to your heart, breathe deeply and say to yourself, ‘I AM here.’ Connect into your heart while feeling and knowing who you are. Allow lower vibration feelings to surface and wash out of you. Tears are your friends, assisting you in your clearing. You are a light being who has chosen to be here, in human form, during this profound, consciousness shifting time. You hold a place marker of light, in your own unique way. Thank you. Thank you for being, here, now.

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