Bigger Picture, Higher Wisdom, From Corona Virus Experience

On March 23, 2020 after my morning meditation, I asked Higher Wisdom for 3 themes that are most helpful to know about in how we are growing and developing as a result of the Covid-19 virus pandemic. What is the influence it is having on us?

A new stage is being presented. As in a theater when one act is over and the lights go dark, a curtain closes. A moment later, a curtain rises and lights turn on to view a new scene, new props, new lines from the actors come forth.

I hear no words only feel feelings. As the people on the stage enter, they feel loving and their hearts light up. When they open their closed eyes, they beam light into the audience. Some people absorb this light. For some people, the light is too bright and it hurts, so they look away or close their eyes. Some people get up and leave and return home to spirit realm.

A surge of accelerated Light and supportive vibrations are reaching a higher volume. There are individuals who have chosen to participate at this level on the Earth, and those who are teaching, and those who are leaving as their choice, purpose has been fulfilled at a Soul level.

This may be a challenging time to remain hopeful, yet it can be easy. Just like avoiding a mud puddle, you choose to walk in it and get residue on your OR avoid it. Avoiding mud is avoiding FEAR. It has and is serving its purpose for awareness and thriving. The fear response that triggers survival can be quite strong in some individuals. It can be misplaced and create misguided perspectives and actions.

As the law follows, like attracts like. Fearless, courageous, Light-imbued individuals will remain at the forefront of humanities growth, evolution and development.

A curtain is being removed, dissolved from the HEART of humanity, allowing more energy, intelligence and resilience of the HEART to become the lead. Healing through softness, openness and sharing are having a domino activating effect. Kindness, meaning, satisfaction, fulfillment, all qualities we are bringing to the forefront for those who choose to participate in the sharing.

There are tug-of-war ropes from a yet-to-be resolved power base of selfishness and those not wanting to be under a thumb suppressed, manipulated.

There are many lessons on a world stage that remain here, yet to be realized and assimilated. This will happen in time.

Cures will be discovered. Recoveries and rebounds come in time.

Do your part, follow your heart.

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