Hear the Fear, Yet Nurture the Love

With the emergence of Covid-19, most of us are experiencing a spectrum of heightened emotions, particularly fear.

In March when I felt a growing discomfort of fear within me, I made a conscious choice to experience the opposite of fear. The opposite of fear is to feel safe, trusting and loved.

I’m offering the suggestions below that may help you to feel safe, trusting and loved by connecting into your heart and the Higher Wisdom of intuition.

When you connect to your heart, it shifts your attention from excess thinking to an elevated frequency.

Steps to Dissolve Fear and Connect to Intuition:

  1. RECOGNIZE when you are experiencing fear and not feeling safe. Some signs of fear are spinning or excess thoughts, shallow breathing, body tensions and avoidance or addictive behaviors. Fearful emotions are expressed through frustration, irritation, sadness, blaming others when you’re feeling vulnerable or powerless, or people-pleasing behavior.
  2. Set your INTENTION to connect with your intuition.
  3.  Close your eyes, and ASK TO RECEIVE INSIGHT that you need to know, just for today. Imagine your breath flowing into your heart space and out of your heart space. You may want to place one hand on your heart and the other hand in your lap, palm facing upward, in a gesture of openness and receptiveness.Think of at least one thing that you are grateful for which activates heart energy. Your heart is the avenue to your Soul and Higher Wisdom.
  4. TRUST the love-filled and cared-for impressions you receive. Impressions may come in the way of a color, or a snap-shot image or a moving picture. How does that color feel? What does that image mean to you? An impression may come as song lyrics or hearing words. You might even receive one, single Word of Inspiration, that you can refer to throughout your day, to keep you elevated. Write your messages in your journal and offer thankfulness for the Higher Wisdom.

My hope and encouragement for you is to ‘hear the fear yet nurture the love.’

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