Pets In Spirit

Have you ever woken from your morning slumber with the sensation of your pet jumping onto your bed? Were you temporarily confused when you realized that your pet is actually deceased and in Spirit?
Many of us, with beloved pet friends in Spirit, have been visited by them. They have chosen to contact us either in their spirit form or they have contacted us through other natural signs. As we surrender and trust during those non-analytical moments, these visits can open us to expanded states of awareness, acceptance, healing and gratitude. We can receive assurance of the continuity of life and the bonds of love which flow between spiritual and physical domains.
I want to share with you a few experiences from clients who have been contacted by their pet friend after their pet transitioned into Spirit. My hope is this may validate for you those moments when you feel contact was made. What if you choose to accept this energetic connection through your heart and soul’s perception? What could you learn from it? Could it provide a more expanded way of considering the death process with less fear and more trust in the continuity of life?

Methods of Contact

Clients have reported contact being made through various avenues of nature. One client was leaving her vet’s office where her kitty had been euthanized. It was a sunny day in July as she sat crying in her car attempting to compose herself to drive home. Through teary eyes, she watched as a yellow butterfly flew across her windshield. In that moment, she had a ‘knowing’ this was a sign from her kitty. Her spirit was now free, and her kitty was all right. The client experienced a ‘peaceful feeling’ while observing this moment. Paying attention to how you are feeling when you sense a sign can validate your experience.
Another client’s kitty left on her own volition during her sleep in the daytime. Later that summer evening, a lone firefly remained blinking at the client’s bedroom window. She had a knowing and feeling it was a sign from her kitty. Her kitty was now in her light body once again and was at peace blinking “I’m okay, so long for now.” I also had a personal friendship with this kitty. After she passed I, too, was visited by a lone firefly, who appeared in the middle of my living room the night after her passing. I knew in an instant that this was our kitty friend sending me a loving message.
Please know that once your pet friend is in Spirit, they can be present with you at the speed of a thought. They are willing to connect with you as you are able to relax, receive and remain open to their presence or the signs they send.

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