Deep Healing Continues

As most of you know on March 20 I had an accident. I totaled my car by hitting a telephone pole. On my path to recovery I’ve felt like a prospector. As I’m going along, I find little nuggets of wisdom, and I’d like to share some of them with you.
The value of my own intuition continues to carry me through this experience. As each of us walk the path of our own unique healing journey, additional insight may provide us with clarity and new perspectives. I hope these nuggets will enlighten or inspire you also.

The First Nugget…Network Spinal Analysis

“In life, the only way out is through feeling…Healing requires that we feel the vibration and energy we have kept separate from us and allow the power of life to work its magic. ~ Donald M. Epstein DC
One of my healing processes is an innovative type of chiropractic care called Network Spinal Analysis or NSA. NSA is a neural adjustment, or entrainment, rather than a spinal adjustment. Under NSA care, when enough stress and tension is released from the spinal cord, your spine will learn to self-correct. There is no force, no popping, and no clicking.
This entrainment allows us to release the ‘triggers’ from past situations which have provoked an emotional reaction within us.
The New Science tells us that our subconscious and unconscious mind extend beyond the brain, down into the spinal cord.
Because gentle NSA care addresses the spinal cord tension, it impacts our mental-emotional stress, as well as our physical stress. When we make changes in this deep and lasting way, life becomes much more peaceful and joyful.
Shortly after the accident I received a message from my intuition that I would heal in stages. When my chiropractor recommended several books by Daniel M. Epstein DC, I ordered them immediately:
  • The 12 Stages of Healing, A Network Approach to Wholeness.
  • Healing Myths Healing Magic, Breaking the Spell of Old Illusions; Reclaiming our Power to Heal.
For more information on NSA please treat yourself to YouTube videos by the founder Donald M. Epstein DC. At least watch international inspirational speaker, Anthony Robins, entertain you with his experience of it. He values NSA so much that he now receives NSA care before each of his speaking engagements.

The Second Nugget…Healing in Stages

Did you know there is a difference between curing and healing? According to Dr. Epstein curing focuses on eliminating physical symptoms, such as the scratchy throat, aching back or stiff hands. A curing approach has its value especially when in severe and acute pain or injury. Curing also can serve as a stepping stone to healing.
In contrast, healing supports a more complete approach to wellness which addresses the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as the physical body. I’m becoming much more familiar with the importance of attending to my emotional body in order to heal my physical body.


“There is no such thing as a negative emotion. There is only information and energy that is now made available for me to heal.” ~ Donald M. Epstein, DC
For every physical symptom there is an emotional aspect hiding beneath it. Where do these emotional aspects come from? Oftentimes they come from a moment in childhood or any other time when your nervous system felt overwhelmed. An emotion gets lodged somewhere in your biological body and can perpetuate an interference pattern in your nervous system.

Interference Patterns

Interference patterns reflect an aspect of our self that gets fragmented, separated from the whole. This separation serves as a protective mechanism to help us feel more secure. When we take the time to explore this fragmentation, we are able to:
  • Release the interference pattern.
  • Shift our perspective.
  • Reintegrate the fragmented aspect.

The Third Nugget…Honoring the Pain

There are numerous methods that can assist you in addressing your interference patterns. One method I experienced recently, at the suggestion of my chiropractor, was to, ‘Honor the Pain.’ I was having in my arm.
A knowledgeable friend explained how to engage with this process. I did the exercise and during the next visit with my chiropractor he commented on the shift I had made! I was delighted to have more movement and less pain in my arm.
Since that moment, progress continues slooowly. I remind myself that healing does not happen in a straight line. Sometimes it’s more like a snake’s progress. The snake is progressing forward yet it is also moving its body from side to side. I literally observed a black snake moving in this way on the road in our neighborhood during the week when my shift happened. In Native American wisdom, snake medicine speaks of transformation. Amen!
If you feel motivated to receive additional support or guidance, I continue to actively be available to clients through my Intuitive Practice. My physical and emotional journey has deepened my insight and added unique abilities to assist you through your personal growth with my in-depth Intuitive Consultations.

Honoring the Pain Exercise

This exercise encourages you to access and trust your imagination and intuition. You are invited to have a meaningful conversation with your painful body part. In preparation feel the enthusiasm when you have a conversation with a dear friend and extend this feeling to your painful body part.
  • Take a few cleansing breaths and sink into your relaxed place of inner calm.
  • Place your attention on the painful area. Imagine you can place your awareness or mind inside of that area.
  • Talk with  your body pain either silently or out loud.
  • THANK the pain. Literally say, “Thank you for being here.”
Ask your body pain…
  • What are you trying to tell me?
  • What can we do to completely release the pain?
  • Can we work together to make this better so we can feel happy and free again?
You may intuitively hear key words, feel an emotion, see images or have memories pop up. Trust whatever surfaces for you. This acknowledgement will serve as a step forward to being pain free. Additional conversations may continue as part of your personal homecoming.

Finding Gold…Letting In the Light

As my healing progresses, I intuitively watch more light infuse into my being. I’m excited to experience this new and expanding awareness.
If you’re ready and open to receiving more light, I’d be delighted to assist you.
When the Light of who you are claims its rightful place within, you will easily and naturally create desired change in your life.
Namasté, my friends. The Light in me recognizes the Light in you and I bow to it.

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