It’s The Little Things That Count

It’s the day to day life experiences that endear us to our pets and them to us. Learning about these details nourishes loving and respectful relationships. Here are two situations where I provide additional insight for inquiring pet parents: 

How is my pet adjusting to our home? Is she happy?

 I communicated with a dog named Rosie, a three-year-old Papillion mixed breed. She had been in her new home for only two weeks when we had our initial communication. I was grateful that Rosie’s person, Jane, sent me a follow-up email three months later recounting details revealed during the session as well as subsequent confirmations.
During the session, Rosie conveyed her emotions along with her activity preferences and interest in a particular neighborhood dog. She indicated that she felt a little sad and a bit insecure because she still felt a connection with her prior family. Rosie felt more relaxed after I let her know this would be her forever home and family.
Now Jane recognizes Rosie’s insecurities, which is why she likes to be on someone’s lap and likes to sleep with them at night. By using flower essences and good old human love, the family is helping Rosie feel more secure.
When we communicated, Rosie indicated that she loved to play and go for walks. During her neighborhood walks, Rosie took a liking to a blind dog named Keto and wondered what was wrong with him. I told Rosie that Keto could not see. Rosie and Keto have become fast friends, and Rosie is the only dog that Keto responds to.
Jane said, “When Rosie sees Keto come out of his house with his humans, Rosie’s tail is already wagging, she’s pulling on her leash and is ready to greet him. Our family and our neighbors just love their enthusiasm, and we all enjoy walking together.”

Why is my dog digging holes in our yard?

 George is a two-year-old Great Dane. He was incessantly digging holes in Darlene’s yard. During our communication, I learned that digging was George’s idea of exercise. I received an intuitive message that consistent walking would be a good solution. Darlene admitted that with her family’s hectic schedule, George was not receiving consistent walks.
I telepathically requested George to please leave the ground and grass as it is in the yard. I told him that his family agreed to dedicate time for more consistent walks.
Right after our session, Darlene reported that George stopped digging holes in the yard! She was amazed and delighted. (Me too.) Then the family made good on their commitment to consistent walks. It’s the little details about our pet’s feelings and behaviors that, once understood, can help us lovingly respond to meet everyone’s needs. Happy pets, happy people.

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