Natural Remedies For Relieving Pain

Some of my clients have told me that because of the Opioid epidemic, their doctor can no longer prescribe the pain relievers that they used to. This means that these clients are seeking alternative assistance for their physical pain. Given the physical pain I experienced after my accident, I’m happy to share a few remedies that were especially effective in relieving my pain. I honor wherever you are on your life journey and hope these suggestions may serve to positively support you.

Physical Remedies

One of my most significant discoveries for alleviating pain came from a supplement called Curamin Extra Strength ( This yellow-colored tablet made from Tumeric extract offers four powerhouse ingredients in an award-winning formula. It combines clinically proven Curcumin and Boswellia with DLPA (DL-phenylalanine) and Nattokinase to create a product that has been recognized throughout the natural foods industry for pain relief. Nattokinase is made from fermented soybeans. Curamin is vegan and non GMO. My understanding is that it reduces inflammation which alleviates pain. This recommendation came from my naturopath.
A naturopath is someone who utilizes natural remedies to restore a body’s state of balance and harmony. Assessment methods may include Iridology or Applied Kinesiology also known as muscle testing. Iridology is a method of viewing a map of the organs and systems of the body expressed through the Iris in your eyes. Muscle Testing can identify toxic influences whether in your environment through air, food, water or even through your own toxic emotions.
You could think of muscle testing like placing a telephone call to your subconscious mind in order to have a conversation with your body. We all have an individual electrical grid or field around us and within us, connecting us to every organ, muscle, system and cell in our body. Muscle testing is a way of tuning in to your body to discover if there is a resonating flow of the electricity or not. If the flow is compromised, the frequency of an herb, vitamin or essential oil may bring your frequency back into balance.

The Sway Test

One of the easiest muscle testing methods that you can do yourself is called the Sway Test. The Sway test will reveal what is healthy to accept into your body and life, and what is not.             
  • First, set your alignment with the magnetic polarity of the Earth which runs north and south. Here are 3 ways to do this: Make the statement, “I command my polarity to be optimally aligned and Thank you.”; or Think about your connection with your Higher Self or Creator of All That Is by placing your attention above the top of your head until you feel that connection; or Tap your thymus glandwhich is under your breast bone in your chest, about an inch below the hollow spot in your neck. Simply tap there for about 30 seconds.
  • You can perform an alignment accuracy check by making a statement that you know to be true, “My name is (your name). Then state “My name is Joe Schmo.” (something that is not your name).
  • Sense the response of your body for each statement. You either may feel yourself being gently pulled forward for a YES response, or repelled back for a NO response.
  • To test a supplement, hold it in your hand next to your stomach or chest. Ask your body, “Would taking this supplement serve my Highest Good today?” If you receive a YES, a forward movement response, you may then ask, “How many?” Asking your body to sway forward for the number of capsules or drops to take.
Of course you may do the Sway Test with ANY decision your are feeling conflicted about such as the food you are purchasing at the grocery store, pet food or supplements, even life decisions — Is it for my Highest Good to attend that event? or work on that project? or stay in this relationship? or take this job? or bring this subject up in conversation? Muscle testing can take a little practice so be patient with learning to feel aligned and trusting your self. Muscle testing is a helpful tool, just don’t over use the tool. Be practical and remember to use your own judgment.

Essential Oils and Body Lotions

I discovered that essential oils can assist in relieving pain. My magical massage therapist and energy worker used pure essential oils from her favorite resource, Hopewell Oils.
These 2 oils were especially effective (
  • Lemmon Grass – Effectively calmed my nerve pain. According to Hopewell Oils, it may support healthy digestion, tone connective tissues, ligaments, blood vessels and lymph flow.
  • Strength – This oil blend served to calm and soothe pain and discomfort associated with bruises, fractures, sprains, joints and back injury. Ingredients: Emu oil, Spruce Needle, Rosewood, Frankincense, German Chamomile, Blue Tansy.
These 5 lotions also helped to alleviate pain:
T-Relief – A homeopathic ointment with Arnica + 12 other natural ingredients for the temporary relief of minor joint pain, back pain and muscular pain,
Zim’s Max Freeze – A homeopathic, anti-inflammatory lotion with Arnica, vitamin E and Tea Tree Oil,
Tei-Fu Massage Lotion – Penetrates deeply into painful stiff muscles and joints,
MSM Glucosamine Skin Cream– Provides support for healthy function of joint cartilage and connective tissue,
Ever-flex Pain CreamEnhances joint mobility and flexibility through pain reduction, relieves muscle and joint pain, is easily absorbed through the skin for fast-acting structural support,

Guided Meditation

One of the scariest and confusing aspects during my recovery was temporarily losing my ability to focus, concentrate, determine daily priorities and solve problems. I also had short term memory loss. I discovered these symptoms are typical effects of brain trauma from an accident. Thank Goodness, ALL of these symptoms have dissipated, and I am thinking clearly again.
I maintained my ability to work in spite of these symptoms. I could easily connect with Spirit for Intuitive Consultations and for Animal Communication sessions, even though I couldn’t figure out what to plan for lunch or dinner.
Because my mind felt like a ball in a pinball machine, I had difficulty meditating on my own which I had enjoyed in the past. However, I was able to follow guided meditations which served as a healing balm. Guided meditations helped me focus my attention in slow, gentle and loving ways, often lulling me to sleep when the physical pain was too loud to ignore.
My ‘go to’ meditation came from a practitioner named Laya Raznick, a  Licensed Acupuncturist in Washington State and Certified Holistic Health Coach, ( She did a webcast interview and offered a free meditation to the audience. If you would like for me to send this particular meditation to you, I have her permission to do so. Please contact me, and I’ll gladly email it to you. She has other meditations that you can access through her website, however this one, which I’m going to call the Acceptance Meditation, effectively quelled my pain. 

How I May Help You To Relieve Pain

There are varying degrees and types of pain which can be lurking in places beyond the physical, within our minds or hearts. My intuitive ability to sense the energy of your life can bring hidden information to Light which relieves painful feelings whether emotional, mental and sometimes physical. Diving deep to discover if there are worn out beliefs or resentful emotions may be helpful in order to permanently transform a physical condition.
When you are ready to bring LIGHT and FREEDOM to a physical, emotional or mental aspect causing you pain, let’s gently and lovingly explore this together to restore your FLOW, JOY and PEACE.

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