A Multi-Layered Approach to Animal Communication

As an Animal Communicator I help you understand the reasons behind your pet’s behavior, which can improve your relationship with your pet. During sessions, I offer a four-layered approach. All sessions are conducted over the phone which enables your pet to remain in its home where it is most comfortable and provides me with uninterrupted focus. A session may include only one layer for maximum effectiveness or perhaps all four:
  1. Connecting with your pet and conveying what she or he wants you to know.
  2. Activating an energy technique to affect positive change in your pet.
  3. Assessing if a flower essence would be supportive.
  4. Intuitively connecting with you to identify any discord influencing your pet.

First Layer

The first layer of a session includes a prayer for creating sacred space. I then ask for permission from your pet to speak with him or her. Next we proceed with Q & A.
I listen and share impressions with you based upon your pet’s perspective. This information includes comforts, discomforts, likes and dislikes. You gain the benefit of better understanding your pet based upon your pet’s perspective. Their perspective may be quite different from yours! Or, you may receive validation and peace of mind when you hear your pet confirm what you’ve been sensing, feeling or knowing all along.

Second Layer

A second layer involves activating an energy technique during the session, which can be effective for helping to shift a behavior.
My first exposure to a traumatized pet happened over twenty five years ago while communicating with a client’s pet. Although I offered soothing, comforting thoughts and feelings, I had wished there was something more I could do. One day during meditation, I was given an energy technique which assists in releasing trauma. When I activate this technique, clients happily have noticed positive changes in their pets.

Third Layer

A third layer is to intuitively assess if your pet may benefit from a flower essence, I currently recommend the line from Green Hope Farms. Many clients have reported noticeable results from these essences or similar holistic remedies.

Fourth Layer

The fourth layer involves intuitively assessing you! I discovered that when I did energy work on a pet, the pet usually responded immediately. However, the results were only temporary if a significant imbalance was originating from you or a family member.
With your permission, I can identify discord within you or your family. Pets are empathic sponges and when you or a family member are feeling anxious or stressed, your pet will feel it also. Healing the human stressor generally creates a permanent healing for both pet and family. The result is a healthier, happier scenario for both you and your pet!

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