A CRASH Course on Soul Growth

Sometimes we need a reminder of why we exist based on a bigger picture perspective…we are here to realize self-fulfillment and experience our potentials. During a lifetime of adventures, we are, at times, called upon to leave familiar people and places to undertake heroic tasks. Along the road of life, we will meet with helpers, and adversaries and overcome challenges.
During our lifeline journey, we arrive at crises points. These moments reorient us to make certain we are following our soul’s purpose. These points tend to happen around ages 21, 28, 35, 42, 56 and 63.
Crises points offer growth. This comes often in unexpected ways, generally through chaos and turmoil, like losing a job, leaving a relationship, having an accident or developing an illness. Crises points offer a greater opportunity to resolve conflict, develop maturity, confidence, compassion and understanding. When we move beyond inner conflict and pain, we bring forth light from the heart and everyone can benefit.
I recently experienced a crises point as a result of a car accident leading to my personal soul growth. Within days afterwards, I had a direct knowing that my soul accelerated my growth so I could release limiting beliefs that no longer support me. I was graced with new ways of seeing myself and other people.
With deep gratitude, I received confirmation of my direct knowing while reading Ted Andrews’ book Dream Alchemy, Shaping Our Dreams to Transform Our Lives.
“Our soul, with its grander wisdom, sets certain rhythmic changes to occur at specific times in our life. These changes keep us on track and assist the unfoldment of our potentials and lessons…They are times which herald new growth in the physical and spiritual.”


On March 20, 2017 I was getting over the flu. Although I felt tired and weak that Monday morning, I agreed to meet with a friend for a much anticipated outing and lunch.
On my way home, around 3:30 p.m. I was feeling unusually tired. I blacked out while driving. My car did not make the left hand curve and hit a utility pole. The impact deployed the air bag and the seatbelts did their job. The car was totaled.
When I came back to consciousness, the car was spewing steam from the crumpled hood and emitting an awful smell. I was in intense pain and seeing double. Several women in cars behind me witnessed the event and stopped to call 911. Wouldn’t you know, one of them happened to be a nurse, and she took my pulse making sure I was okay. A parade of EMS responders, fire truck and state police arrived. Later, the urgent care doctor diagnosed me with a mild concussion, severe contusions, but no broken bones, probably because I was unconscious at the moment of impact.

A Spiritual Perspective

My soul growth process was happening during those frantic moments while I was being examined and questioned by the EMS responders and state police. Within my self I heard the words, “Clearing the slate. Reckoning.” I had a feeling that there was a clearing occurring within my soul. Later I discovered some definitions of the word ‘Reckoning’ which resonated with me:
To fulfill one’s promises or obligations, calculating or estimating something, opinion, view, judgment, evaluation; Dead Reckoning: a nautical term meaning a method of establishing one’s position using the distance and direction travelled.
I later realized that when I blacked out, I experienced a Higher-Consciousness moment. I evaluated where I’ve been and where I was going, according to my soul purpose, a kind of reckoning. I was offered a crucial choice, from my Soul self to my Human self …“Did I want to stay on the Earth or return home to Spirit?”…without a second of thought, I chose to stay.

The Support

Soul growth does not occur alone. We receive support at levels both seen and unseen. Family, close friends and clients learned of my experience within days. Clients patiently agreed to be rescheduled. A dear friend sent a prayer request to her Facebook friends. There were immediate, loving responses from numerous people who do not even know me, including Shaman from across the country.
I could feel enormous waves of light, love and energy pouring in. What an amazing and unexpected blessing of grace and support for which I am deeply grateful! I am certain this support accelerated my healing in those early weeks of recovery. I am also grateful to my spiritual team for the healing that continues to unfold during those mysterious hours of the night.

Transmuting Suffering Through Forgiveness

Even soul growth has growing pains. There was an unexpected and disturbing aspect following the accident. During my early weeks of recovery, as I attempted to fall asleep, there were numerous scenes of suffering that appeared in my third eye. It felt like a combination of personal past life experiences and the whole of humanity’s experiences of suffering. In these images I was either the recipient of some kind of suffering, or I was watching suffering inflicted upon humanity from humanity.
I prayed for these images and experiences to be transmuted, dissolved and forgiven. They were. Some days later, they stopped coming. This experience seemed to relate to the soul message I heard, ‘Clearing the slate.’
Weeks later, I was having a conversation with a fellow light worker. He commented that he had a similar experience after an unexpected fall where he struck his head and needed staples to stop the bleeding. Right after he hit his head he saw visions of sword fights and war scenes with past life scenarios passing through his consciousness. He too felt it was a releasing and clearing at a soul level.


Although we may experience unexpected, temporary turmoil, the comforting news is that our Soul self, and Source/Divine Love/God, are always lovingly reorienting us. Remember, this is Earth school. Our soul growth happens along with our human growth in a physical environment. We gain in ways which are unavailable to us when our consciousness resides purely in spirit. When you encounter your next crisis point, perhaps ‘courage’ can serve as a core support.
“Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.”  ~Maya Angelou

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