Your Sparkle!

Don’t let anyone dull your Sparkle! This saying appears on the cover of my personal Intuition Journal. It reminds me to remain connected to my Light, the Light of my soul, no matter what life brings.

Your personal Light contains the essence of your Soul. When you pay attention to your desires, personal needs, enthusiasm and dreams, you’re connecting with your essence, you’re Sparkle. When you ignore these things, your sparkle dims.

Why You Need Your Sparkle

Being in touch with your sparkle means being in touch with your vibrancy, creativity and self-expression. You feel naturally motivated to take the next step toward fulfillment. Just one NEW courageous step can lead to a discovery. Discovery helps you to:

Live your dreams.

Relocate to your ideal environment.

Experience healing.

Engage in joyful relationships.

To receive new delights you must risk ‘being’ in a NEW state of mind and ‘doing’ something NEW. I discovered something new in January. A neighbor invited me to a dance class called NIA. The NIA Technique is a mind/body physical conditioning program that initially stood for Non-Impact Aerobics. NIA emerged in the ’80s and evolved to include neurological integrative practices and teachings. At the end of class, I feel vibrant, joyful and sparkling!

How You Loose Your Sparkle

Feeling resentment, sadness, despair or confusion, dims your Light. To brighten your luminescence, be conscious of your thoughts AND actions, and use them in a way that is creative and uplifting.

During an Intuitive Consultation with a client named Mary, I saw impressions of a wedding.  Mary confirmed that she was invited to her daughter’s wedding this year. This daughter was the difficult one. The daughter who created the most conflict in the family. The daughter who triggered feelings in Mary of sadness, anger and frustration over the years.

During Mary’s session, she was given the word ‘magnanimous’ and was asked to consider being magnanimous with this daughter. Magnanimous means:

Generous in forgiving an insult or injury; free from petty resentfulness or vindictiveness.

Mary confessed that although this may be a challenging assignment, she would do her best to practice being magnanimous. She also volunteered that the last name of the man her daughter is marrying is spelled similar to the word magnanimous!

Contentious relationships and adversarial situations serve as an invitation to outgrow your present limitations. Would you like to live without fear, worry or anger and be more at peace with yourself?

“Whatever you perceive as standing in your way to your freedom has actually been put there for you to outgrow it– What is in your way is part of the way.” ~Guy Finley, Key Lessons for Realizing the Divinity Within, The Secret of Your Immortal Self.

How To Get Your Sparkle Back

Be aware of your Personal Needs. Check in with what you need to feel significant, happy and healthy. Finding ways to meet your Personal Needs are critical for you to live a life that you love.

Think of Personal Needs as the underlying experience, or feeling, you are attempting to create through your actions.

Some Personal Needs include: Accomplishment, Acknowledgement, Adventure, Autonomy, Connection, Creativity, Discovery, Freedom, Harmony or Intimacy.

What one Personal Need would you select as your SPARKLE THEME for 2019?

Forgive yourself. The ability to forgive creates immediate and direct access to your sparkle! In order to practice the art of forgiveness, there needs to be a perpetrator to forgive. Oftentimes the perpetrator is not who you initially perceive her or him to be. Rather it is your own self, who you must forgive, and make peace .

Forgiveness is a practice where you are not condoning the bad behavior of another person, you are simply releasing its hold on you.

● Do something fun for your body and soul. Consider locating a NIA class near you at Hear what the originator of NIA, Debbie Rosas, says on YouTube, YouTube also has pre-recorded classes you can do at home.

Schedule an Intuitive Consultation. The insight that comes forth during a consultation provides support and upliftment to keep you Sparkling! At the end of a session, people comment on feeling ‘Clearer, Relaxed, and Lighter!’ If you’d like to feel this way too, please contact me at or 828-685-3231.

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