A Scaredy Cat’s Transformation

Do you have a pet who is fearful? Would you like to understand why?

Elizabeth contacted me because her cat, Nibbler, got spooked and had been hiding under the bedroom armoire for a month. Elizabeth didn’t know what happened and asked if I could find out.

Nibbler is three years old and had never been skittish. She’s an indoor cat with one other cat housemate, MeToo. The relationship between these two cats is amicable.

When I connected with Nibbler, the first startling thing she said was, “Get him out of here!” This was my first session with Elizabeth so I didn’t know her status. Was she single, dating, married?

Elizabeth told me she had a husband, yet I immediately got the feeling that Nibbler liked him. Elizabeth confirmed that her husband and Nibbler are close friends. So who was the ‘him’ Nibbler was referring to?

When I switched into my multi-dimensional vision, I saw a man in spirit. He was entering and exiting through the front door of the house frequently. This visitation was uncomfortable for Nibbler.

Why Nibbler Hid

A combination of events led to Nibbler hiding under the Armoire. The visitations of this man was one of them. The other event was Nibbler’s own bad habit. Nibbler showed me an experience she had of falling from the top of a staircase tumbling down the steps all the way to the floor.

When I told this to Elizabeth, she confirmed, “Nibbler had a habit of falling asleep on top of things, rolling over and falling. She’s fallen off of the top of the stairs and from the back of the couch.” I sensed these falls left a traumatic imprint in Nibbler’s energy field.

Elizabeth’s husband told Elizabeth that he heard a ‘thud’ one day just prior to Nibbler hiding under the armoire but didn’t go to check it out. Nibbler showed me that she had been sleeping on top of the kitchen countertop, rolled off, saw the man in spirit then ran and hid.

Given this information, it felt necessary to comfort Nibbler. I assured her I was aware of the events that led to her new safety zone under the armoire. I also guided her through my 4-Step Healing Activation Technique.

Healing Activation

Many years ago while meditating, I received a 4-Step Healing Activation Technique. This technique assists in balancing an animal’s energy field who has experienced trauma. Nibbler gave me permission to proceed.

One of the steps is to ask the animal for the happiest memory she or he can recall. The animal and I feel the resonance of these loving emotions from this happy memory. I imagine feelings of safeness, comfort and trust infusing into and around the animal.

As Nibbler and I did this technique together, one of her happiest memories was being near a woman’s hands and neck. This woman felt loving and irresistible to Nibbler. Nibbler loves Elizabeth, yet this was someone else.

Elizabeth had a light bulb moment! When Nibbler was a kitten, a dear friend, Joan, came to visit. Immediately, Nibbler was magnetically attracted to her and began rubbing herself all over Joan’s hands and neck. Elizabeth captured the moment with a picture which she kindly shared with me.

Get Him Out Of Here

We needed to address Nibbler’s concern about the spirit man, so I made contact with him. I explained to the man that he could move beyond this repeating visitation and instead be with loved ones and feel at peace. However, this had to be his choice. Fortunately he chose to move on with assistance from transition angels. I watched as they escorted him into a higher, light-filled dimension.

I explained to Nibbler that the spirit man was gone. I conveyed that it was ok to feel safe, confident and comfortable in all parts of the house. In those moments while we were on the phone, Elizabeth calmly said, “She’s coming into the living room right now Renee.” 

Nibbler had slowly walked out of the bedroom and into the living room. We were thrilled and amazed with Nibbler’s courage and confidence. I felt deeply grateful and peaceful.

The Follow Up

A month later, I contacted Elizabeth to hear how Nibbler was doing:

“It’s been like night and day since your communication. Nibbler came out more and more each day from underneath the Armoire. She no longer goes underneath there. She enjoys being on the back of the sofa, the bar stool and the kitchen countertop. From the kitchen countertop, she once again greets my husband when he comes home. She’s gaining weight, is playing again and letting MeToo, the other cat, love on her and groom her.”

Elizabeth was pleased that we made such immediate and effective progress, so was I! This was a phenomenal success for Nibbler, Elizabeth and the household.

Understanding The Behavior

During an animal communication session, I am able to communicate with your pet. The information I receive helps you to understand the reasons behind your pet’s behavior. Understanding helps to improve your relationship with your pet. I can be reached at www.intuitguide.com or 828-685-3231.

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