Roger, Demon Dog

Q: Why is my dog being aggressive?

A woman called me who was concerned about her dog’s aggression. The woman has a friend who is a medium. The medium sensed an attachment on the dog and suggested that the woman contact an animal communicator who could get rid of an attachment. The medium used strong language and said the attachment could be a demon.

This is what I know about attachments:

A dark spirit may be drawn to an animal whose field has been compromised.

An animal’s field can become compromised from human contact.

There is no undomesticated animal that carries an attachment.

An animal’s spirit and purpose is pure and here to assist human kind.

What we experience in the Mirror Universe in every relationship, situation or circumstanceĀ is a karmic balancing, a lesson/learning or a service.

Attachments can be cleared through love and awareness.

Roger’s Energy Field

During our animal communication session, I assessed Roger’s energy field. I empathically felt his sadness and helplessness when he was taken away from his original person.

Each event after that, when he is left alone, triggers those emotions, and he acts out through aggressive behavior, like biting at someone’s feet or shoes.

I traced an energy pattern that originated in his belly and traveled to his heart and then down to his tailbone.

We fully acknowledged everything Roger shared with us and then I did an energetic clearing.


I did not sense a demon in Roger’s energy field. There was fear stuck in his belly and an irritating, sometimes painful, sensation in his lower back and around his bum. His people acknowledged being aware of his lower back, bum situation.

With permission from his people, I also bridged to his people’s energy fields. Sometimes I can gather additional information when I do this about an animal’s behavior. Not surprisingly, Roger’s people were carrying similar hurts of abandonment, helplessness, powerlessness and anxiety, which both persons acknowledged. This is a perfect opportunity for the pet and pet’s family to engage in corrective work that will bring peace and healing for both.

Roger’s people dearly love him and were takingĀ  excellent care of him. The good news is that previously unknown information has surfaced and been brought to light in order to benefit everyone. A conscious opportunity now exists to address imbalances in healthy ways.

I assured Roger’s people that I could see their house looked lovingly protected. I jokingly said, “Even if a demon sneezed it couldn’t get mucous on you! Your house has such a vortex of protection.” We all laughed and they agreed.

They said they were taking Roger to a behavior class the next day. This felt like a wonderful and appropriate next best step.

In light and peace,


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